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It’s Monday and it’s snowing – but spring is almost here (my glass is half-full)!  Monday Morning Politics was posted just a little late this morning, as I was busy scooping snow.  In case this is your first time stopping by, this is the column where I take a look at some of the political news from the past weekend and put it in one place for all to see.  I also add my personal commentary!

Today I take a look at Libertarians and Montana, a Romney fundraiser, a dream candidate, flunking transparency, candidates and battle lines, Sweet Home Alabama, raising $45 million, and much more!

The 2012 Primary Ballot:

According to a story that appeared in Lee Newspapers, since there are two Libertarian candidates running for U.S. Senate the Montana secretary of state must decide to “conduct a costly Libertarian primary election or instead put both men’s names on the November ballot.”

There’s a very simple solution:  Put every candidate’s name on one ballot for the primary election.  For each office, the top two candidates who receive the most votes (regardless of their political party) would head to the general election.

That probably won’t happen because elected politicians would need to change the existing laws, and the existence of political parties could be harmed by this change.

Romney Fundraiser in Billings:

According to a Montana GOP E-Brief (that I received three times), Josh Romney, son of the GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will be in Billings March 28 for a fundraiser at a private residence.  Folks can show up at 5:00pm for the VIP Reception and pay $1,000 per person/$2,000 per couple or show up later (at 5:30pm) and pay $500 per person/$1,000 per couple.

Maybe they’ll rethink this and schedule a $10 dollar event for around 9:00pm where folks can drive by the house and see Josh Romney through the window…

Dream On?

In Ed Kemmick’s City Lights column on Sunday, he wrote “So what we need is an established politician, one able to collect tens of millions of dollars, to announce that he is going to run on the cheap, accepting no money from political action committees, special-interest groups or out-of-state concerns.

When I read the column, the Aerosmith song “Dream On” came to mind…

But there’s already at least one candidate running here in Montana who is not taking donations from political action committees (PACs).  U.S. House candidate, Rob Stutz (D) of Helena (although he is not “an established politician”) Stutz says “No to the PACs.  No to the pledges.  Yes to the people.”

At least it’s a start…


According to this story, “Montana has received a failing grade from a nonprofit group in its annual report on transparency in government spending.”

The report is from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.  You can read the news release and report HERE.

Maybe the circus (Legislature) meeting in Helena every two years can take some time away from their fun and games to address this problem…

Candidates and Battle Lines:

Lee Newspapers and the Great Falls Tribune both published stories over the weekend about the current 2012 election season in Montana concentrating on the number of candidates and control of the legislature – most of the stuff I covered in “Let the fun begin…” column last Tuesday where I wrote, “You’ve heard the television reporters talk about the primary filing deadline and you’ve read about it in your local papers – so now it’s time to hear from someone who actually knows something about it…”

If you really need to, you can read their stories HERE and HERE.

Romney and Bush:

According to a story published Friday by Reuters, “From policy advisers to campaign strategists, more than two dozen veterans of the Bush administration have flocked to Romney’s campaign.”

Maybe they are looking for a better life…

Insert Foot:

I guess I run with a different crowd – a crowd that knows that Lynyrd Skynyrd sings “Sweet Home Alabama.” But not Mitt Romney.  According to this story:

Visiting Alabama this week, Mitt Romney threw a pass to teammate Randy Owens, lead singer of the band fittingly called Alabama.  Romney stepped up, raised his voice and lobbed: “Sure would be good to hear him sing Sweet Home Alabama.”

You can read the story and see the video HERE.

Ol’ Mitt just did not lead the same life as the rest of us…

$45 Million:

According to the Associated Press (AP), “President Barack Obama raised $45 million for his re-election bid in February, bringing his total to about $300 million for this election cycle, his campaign said Monday.”

That’s a lot of money…

No Excitement:

The Associated Press reports “Mitt Romney may lead in delegates and Rick Santorum might have momentum, but neither of the two leading Republican presidential candidates is having an easy time exciting even his own voters.”

What looked like an easy victory for Republicans in November 2012 is slipping away.  There’s still a lot of time left, though…


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  1. I believe the Leg had a bill dealing with transparency but ole Gov BS branded it

    • That’s what the article mentioned; too bad the members of the circus (Governor and Legislature) could not find common ground on the issue. -Jack

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