Politics 2012: Potpourri

Happy February!  Since I hate January so much, February 1st is a very welcome date!  Can spring be that far away?  Please…

Here at The Western Word I take a look at some political potpourri from Montana races to national races.  I talk about Tester and money raised, Rehberg and money raised, Daines and the Dems, Deputy Dayna, a win for Jesus and Veterans, a do nothing congress, congressional travel, and the sing off!

Tester & Rehberg & Money:

The Associated Press reported that the Denny Rehberg’s Senate Campaign said, “it has plenty of money despite a growing cash gap in his race against U.S. Sen. Jon Tester.”

Did anyone expect the Rehberg campaign to say something like, “Since we are behind in money raised, we’re folding up our tents and quitting.”  Sometimes the folks writing or reporting these stories give us a great laugh due to their ineptness.

The Rehberg team has to be concerned about the money that is not rolling in, but you’ll never hear it publicly.  For team Tester, they have to be thanking their lucky stars that he received a seat on the Senate Banking Committee.  During reelection this is a wonderful seat to have for fundraising – and it is showing in the fundraising totals for Tester.

Daines & Dems & Money:

Republican House candidate Steve Daines may be the “Romney” of Montana politics this season (you can figure that part out).  Daines reportedly has about $630,000 in the bank which puts him way ahead of the Democrats.  The GOP side of the ticket for the open House seat really needs to have more than one choice.

The candidates on the Democratic side will be fighting it out (if they all actually file).  As of this morning, three have filed:  Robert Stutz, Dave Strohmaier, and Jason Ward.

Deputy Dayna:

Yesterday afternoon the Montanans for Tester Campaign team sent an e-mail with an introduction of their new Deputy Campaign Manager, Dayna Swanson, and to raise money.  Dayna wrote, “I have lived in Montana my entire life and get the importance of every donation…”

Hopefully Tester is not making Swanson do double duty this election season.  As of this morning she is still listed on Tester’s Senate official staff as “Senior Advisor & Montana Staff Director.”

It’s the details that will get you…

Jesus Wins:

It’s always nice to see Jesus win one (especially in this day and age).  Coupled with Veterans and it is twice as nice!  The Flathead National Forest released a statement saying they had reauthorized a permit “for ten years and is for the display of a statue of Jesus Christ on a 25 foot by 25 foot parcel of land near the top of Chair Two at Whitefish Mountain Resort.”

Let the court cases begin!

Thanks go to Congressman Rehberg for taking up the cause for Jesus and Veterans.

Do Nothing:

According to a story on the Council of Foreign Relations website, “What should Congress and the Obama administration do to bring the federal deficit under control?  Well, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s annual Budget and Economic Outlook, released today, the answer is quite simple: absolutely nothing at all.”

Of course, Congress won’t do “nothing at all” but the report and story are well worth a read.  Note – the report is about 165 pages.

Congressional Trips:

According to LegiStorm, “Privately funded congressional trips hit new highs in 2011.”  They also report, “The seven most-traveled members of Congress in 2011 were all Democrats…”

It’s always fun to see what LegiStorm finds…


That could be the race for the Presidency in November, but for right now they have exercised their voices via song.  You can listen to Obama HERE and Romney HERE.

Jack’s pick:  Obama wins the “Sing-off” easily.


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