Just Football…Super Bowl XLVI Edition!

Hey football fans – Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!  Are you ready?  Before we start it’s the New York Giants versus the New England Patriots.  The game is in Indianapolis.  The Patriots will be the “home” team.  Kickoff is around 4:30 (Mountain Time).

As the ultimate football fan, I came up with six “rules” and “things to consider” and “stuff to know” for the big day…

First – If you are going to a friend’s house, show up at least 30 minutes to an hour before the kickoff.  Nobody wants to talk about babies, mall sales, and traffic during the opening kickoff…

Second – You need to be nice – this is where people who have no idea about the rules of football watch – so this Sunday is a little different than week eight of the NFL season…when these people were probably at the mall, at a baby shower or watching NASCAR.  Face it, some women are actually watching this game because Tom Brady and Eli Manning are cute (and rich).  Men would never watch a television show because (never mind).

Third – There are normally funny commercials, which make it tough to head off to the bathroom during a commercial break.  Now really is the time to get that TV in the bathroom (like you always wanted).  Some commercials cost about $3.5 million (for 30 seconds). You should not miss them…

Fourth – Yum…there’s food.  Being from the Kansas City area and the home of the greatest tailgating fans (Chiefs), Super Bowl Sunday is about tailgating in your house.  Super Bowl Sunday has the distinction of being the day that the second-most food is consumed (first is Thanksgiving).  About 90 million chicken wings are consumed.  I’d like to give a big shout-out to all the chickens who gave their wings for this weekend (walking is good for you).

Fifth – A bunch of alcohol is consumed – so don’t drive after drinking – and remember they are your neighbors and friends so don’t be hitting on them and saying nasty things after the alcohol takes over.  Remember almost everyone has a cell phone camera…and many folks have Facebook (or blogs).

Sixth – Madonna is performing at halftime.  Last year it was reported that over 162 million people watched the halftime show.  Remember who performed?  Answer: Black Eyed Peas.  You can check out the history of all Super Bowl Halftime shows HERE.  FYI – Kelly Clarkson will sing the National Anthem….

Maybe you’ve heard, but the Patriots and the Giants have played before – yes this season – but they also played in a Super Bowl a few years ago where the Giants defeated the then 18-0 Patriots 17-14.

Little known fact to impress your friends:  This is the second time that two teams with the word “New” in their names competed against each other in the Super Bowl (New England/New York).  The other time was in 2008 when the same two teams competed.

Second little known fact to impress your friends:  Only once has two teams with the word “San” in their name competed against each other in the Super Bowl (1995 -San Diego and San Francisco).

Why are Roman Numerals used for the Super Bowl?  According to a story in Huffington Post, “Bob Moore, historian for the Kansas City Chiefs, credits the idea of using Roman numerals to Lamar Hunt, the late Chiefs owner and one of the godfathers of the modern NFL.  (History also credits Hunt with coming up with the name “Super Bowl” for the big game.)”

Who will win?  Madden NFL 12 simulated the game and the Giants were the winners (27-24).  I picked the Patriots to win 24-20…

Think you know your stuff about the Super Bowl?  Then play Super Bowl Trivia HERE.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans.

Have fun…

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