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Congratulations!  You’ve almost got another week under your belt and to help you make it through another Thursday I bring you my “Thursday Numbers” column!

Rest easy – Friday is only a day away…

In case you are a new visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is a look at some of the numbers in the news recently – which are often presented with commentary or sarcasm or both!

This week I take a look at food stamps, views of YouTube videos, unemployment, income taxes, book purchases, jobs being eliminated, NASCAR, Baseball, the Governor’s trip, a “deadly” gas drive-off, and much more!  So to be in the know, please read on…45,800,000 reports that “The number of Americans using the government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — more commonly referred to as food stamps — shot to an all-time high of 45.8 million in May, the USDA reported. That’s up 12% from a year ago, and 34% higher than two years ago.”

Our country is in pretty bad shape…


That’s how many views the Herman Cain “smoking ad” has received (as of this morning).

That’s a lot of views…


That’s how many people filed NEW claims for unemployment last week.

Many people no longer receive unemployment compensation because they have exhausted all their benefits.  Most of the people who can do something to help the unemployed are more concerned about getting re-elected…


That’s how many views THIS VIDEO from Jon (Huntsman) 2012 Girls has received (as of this morning) that parodies the Herman Cain “smoking ad.”

This was funny…I’m glad to see the Jon 2012 Girls involved in the campaign…we need humor!


The Washington Times reported that “The State Department has bought more than $70,000 worth of books authored by President Obama, sending out copies as Christmas gratuities and stocking “key libraries” around the world with “Dreams From My Father” more than a decade after its release.”

I need to finish the two books I have written…


The U.S. Air Force plans to eliminate 9,000 jobs now and an additional 4,500 jobs in the future.  If one reads further into THIS STORY, they talk about plans to hire 5,900 positions in the future.

A good reporter would check with their local Air Force Base and Air Guard base to see how many of these positions will be lost locally…


On this date in 1913, the United States introduces an income tax.  According to this article, “The first American citizens receive information over the new national income tax. A married man living with his wife, who is in receipt of an income of $5,000, pays $10 a year and if his income is $10,000 he pays $60 per year.”

Hmmm…In 1913, Woodrow Wilson (a Democrat) was President.  Just sayin…


That’s the maximum number of points a driver can score in one NASCAR race.

NASCAR is getting more and more like professional wrestling…


That’s how many races there are in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  The schedule starts in February and this year ends on November 20.

Just like baseball season, the NASCAR season is too long…


According to the Associated Press, “A judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday to 30 days in jail and warned the actress there would be plenty more time behind bars if she violated further court orders.”

Lindsay won’t spend 30 days in jail because it is full…


That’s how many “Gold Gloves” are normally awarded to Major League Baseball players (nine in American League and nine in National League) each year.

This award is not to be confused with the “Golden Gloves” amateur *boxing tournament…

*Note to readers:  Never box a person who has their own boxing gloves…


The Associated Press reports that “The ranks of America’s poorest poor have climbed to a record high – 1 in 15 people.”

Times are tough everywhere…and they are not getting better…


That’s how many times the St. Louis Cardinals have been World Series champions.

This last World Series was a good one…   


Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is leaving today on a 10-day trip to Brazil.

How will we ever get along without him?


13-year-old Mark Keeley stole $8 in gas and was chased by police.  It ended in his death after a shootout with police officers.  Keeley’s mother, Michelle Springer, filed a lawsuit that is currently being heard in Montana court.

In my opinion, the incident should have never escalated to even a police chase – let alone a shootout for $8 in gas.  29 shots were fired by police officers.  After shots are fired at officers, all bets are off…


The Associated Press reported Wednesday afternoon that “A third former employee says she considered filing a workplace complaint over what she considered aggressive and unwanted behavior by Herman Cain when she worked for the presidential candidate in the 1990s.”

As someone who has done (and received accolades for) opposition research (also called digging for dirt), it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  The information has at least taken Herman Cain off his game for a few days…


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