Monday Morning Politics

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Almost every Monday I take a look at some of the local, state, and national political stories that were in the news over the weekend and put them in one place for all to see.

This week I talk about a few issues in a local commission race, free advertising, YouTube videos, campaign ads, and much more – so read on…


City Commission:

In my Caught My Eye column on Friday, I briefly touched on the issue with Great Falls City Commission candidate Cyndi Baker.  The Great Falls Tribune reported on Friday that Baker, “…who helped defeat Great Falls Public Schools levies in May, asked top school district officials in August to hire her as an ombudsman…”

The Cascade County Democrats jumped on the issue.  I obtained a forwarded e-mail late Friday afternoon with the subject, “Cyndi Baker Duplicity” in which they wrote:

The attached file is a copy the correspondence between Cyndi and several public officials. This correspondence outlines the nexus between Cyndi’s application for a job and her threats against the same organization (Great Falls Public Schools) she was seeking employment with. This describes in some detail Cyndis’ ethics, or lack there of. Please share with as many voters as possible.

There was an attached five-page PDF with the e-mail that I imagine was the same documents used by the Tribune to write their story.

Size Matters:

Several people complained in letters to the editor in the Great Falls Tribune about the Ms. Baker getting “preferential treatment” when a large (approximately 7×4 inch) photo of Baker appeared in last Thursday’s paper.  These letters were probably sent before they saw the Friday story “Baker sought job with district.” Some people probably did not understand that the Tribune was doing three-day in-depth stories about all three city commission candidates.  The Tribune did not explain that in their first story, which happened to be about Baker.

So I checked and compared photos.  Baker’s photo was the largest, followed by Mary Jolley (approximately 6×4 inch) that appeared on Monday.  Bill Bronson’s (approximately4x3 inch) photo was the smallest and it appeared in Saturday.  All three candidates received front page coverage; Bronson had the prime spot on the front page though; his photo was above the fold, below the banner.

October Surprise:

The Great Falls Tribune editorial board wrote an interesting viewpoint with the headline, “Eager as voters may be, hanging onto ballots is a better choice” in which they said, “This is a very important city election, and there’s nothing wrong with knowing your choices right off the bat, but even so we still recommend keeping your electoral powder dry and waiting until the last few days to turn in the ballots.”

Besides the Baker story on Friday (referenced above), readers have to be wondering if there will be more surprises?


Free Publicity:

With U.S. Senator Max Baucus saying he would sponsor a bill called the “Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act” he receives accolades from the group in full-page thank you ads that appeared in newspapers across the state of Montana.  He also received pats on the back from newspapers.

Max Baucus needed some love.  Ever since the ObamaCare deal and now being on the Super Committee, Max has been getting “it” from all sides.

I bet U.S. Senator Jon Tester is thinking that he sure could use the free advertisements…

8,400+ Views:

There’s a new YouTube video about Congressman Denny Rehberg and a “taxpayer-funded” mailer that uses a stock photo of some senior citizens.  The video has received over 8,400 views on YouTube (as of this morning).  Instead of explaining it, you can watch it:


Politico and Cain:

Politico reported, “During Herman Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain, ultimately leaving their jobs at the trade group, multiple sources confirm to POLITICO.”

Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, responded on MSNBC this morning:

“Let me tell you that Herman Cain has never sexually harassed anybody, period. End of story. The only people who spoke publicly about the story in that article are the ones that were in the best position to know.

“They were the Chair, Vice Chair and immediate past chair of the National Restaurant Association during Herman Cain’s tenure. Yet all three — and all three said that he was a man of total integrity. Every negative word and accusation in the article is sourced to a series of unnamed or anonymous sources, and this is questionable at best. I am not personally aware of any cash settlement relating to sexual harassment charges to Mr. Cain.”

Romney Can’t: reports:

Google turns out a curiously partisan result when users type “Romney can win” into the site’s search bar. The search engine provides an ordinary-looking set of (more than 50 million) results—but also, at the top of the page, includes a suggestion: “Did you mean: ‘Romney can’t win?”

Yes, that is what I meant…

Jon 2012 Girls:

Last week I posted a video from Herman Cain’s Campaign Manager.  Today I have a parody of the video from Jon Huntsman’s daughters. Here it is:

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One More Video:

Here’s one more video for you to review – it’s just a few seconds long.  Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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