Caught My Eye…

Oh man – just a few hours until we make it to another summer weekend!  Congrats!

Your reward is another edition of the (almost) award-winning column “Caught My Eye.”  Caught My Eye is the column where I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week – and offer some commentary (as well as some sarcasm).

It’s the column that the “political junkies” from around the country visit to see if their candidate made “The Political Inbox” section, or if they even received a mention in Caught My Eye…

This week we take a look at Little League baseball, a goodwill trip, treatment of the media, nude fishing, what the New York Times says about the Rehberg/Tester race, abandoning veterans, and what showed up in my political inbox.

So grab a cup of your favorite drink, sit back and relax, and enjoy the read…

Salute to Montana Little Leaguers:

The Montana team, representing the Northwest in the Little League World Series, won their first game against South Dakota 6-4.   They play again on Sunday against a team from Louisiana.

The Western Word was first to tweet the final score to my followers.  Follow @TheWesternWord to get updates throughout future games.

Best of luck to the Montana team!

Goodwill Trip?

The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team is in China on a 10-day goodwill trip.  One of their games “erupted into a brawl” according to this story with punches and chairs being thrown.

Hmmm…maybe they feel the USA “ain’t so bad” anymore…

China and the American Press:

It appears the Chinese don’t think highly of our media as there was a “nasty” shoving match during Vice President Biden’s speech between Chinese officials and the United States media.

Nude Fishing in Spokane:

On a lighter note, the Associated Press reported that the “Spokane County sheriff’s deputies have arrested a 54-year-old man after he was spotted fishing naked Sunday on West Medical Lake.”

One must look out for hooks and be careful when casting your line when fishing nude (this is not from experience or anything).

Montana U.S. Senate 2012:

The New York Times did a story about the U.S. Senate race in Montana and visited Lincoln, Montana, with Senator Jon Tester.

They report:

…Senator Jon Tester, a big-bellied farmer and self-described populist Democrat seeking a second term, is staking his career — and with it, perhaps his party’s control of the Senate — on a bet that the West’s middle way is still viable.

And it looks like the Times reporter found the pulse of the voters:

Ms. Asher, who said she mostly voted Republican, does not plan to support Mr. Tester, but does not see voting for Mr. Rehberg either at this point. The entire system, she said, is broken.  “I’m fed up,” she said.

I sure hope the New York Times reporter stopped by and purchased some Hi-Country Beef Jerky in Lincoln. Yummy…

My Political Inbox:

Almost every week I take a look at some of the political e-mails that hit my inbox during the week – and sometimes I poke a little fun at some of them while offering some commentary.  Here are five that made this week’s list:

-The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Please join me in celebrating President Clinton’s birthday.”  Clinton turns 65 today.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President…

-The Montana GOP sent me an e-mail with the subject “Schweitzer and Nepotism: Forgotten History” in which they give us some history about Schweitzer and his brother, Walter.

Maybe there should be a DNA test for state employees to show relationships.  Also, a copy of an applicant’s family tree would have to accompany each job application.  It would also be interesting to see the relationships of the folks working for the two political parties in Montana…

-The Montana Democratic Party sent me an e-mail with the subject “All About Dennis” in which they tell me: “That’s why the Montana Democratic Party created — a website about Congressman Rehberg’s habit of putting his self-interest ahead of Montana’s best interest.”

Do very many people visit these websites?

-The Chairman of Republic National Committee (RNC) sent me an e-mail with the subject, “Obama’s Getaway Postcards” in which he wants writes, “Right after his tax-payer funded campaign tour of the Midwest this week, President Obama will be flying to Martha’s Vineyard for a nine day vacation. Before he jets off, send him a postcard.”

Presidents don’t really take vacations, but each political party tries to sell it like they do – to win the political game.

-Last Friday afternoon (which is a bad time to send out a press release, IMHO) Montana Governor Candidate Rick Hill sent an e-mail with the subject, “One of these things is not like the others.”

Hill sends a chart that shows that North Dakota and Wyoming created more jobs over the past five years than Montana did. He asks “Are you fed up with the current situation?  I know I am.”

The answer, Mr. Hill, is yes I am.  I don’t have a job…

Ousted by Gov: Is that so bad?

The Kalispell Daily Inter Lake editorial board has a different take on the resignation of Montana Department of Transportation Director Jim Lynch.


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Send in…the lawyers:

Lee Newspapers lets us know that “A Bozeman nonprofit group has sued to obtain the annual salaries and other compensation information for all state government employees in Montana.”

Nice…bring in the lawyers – that’s always a positive thing.

Different Values:

The Chairman of the Montana Republican Party writes in a guest column that “Values differ between Republicans, Democrats.”  He contends, “…a key difference between Democrats like Tester, and Republicans like Rehberg and Daines: The Republicans vote the way Montanans would vote. Tester votes the way Washington, D.C., votes.”

He also uses the tactic I first mentioned here – connecting Jon Tester to Barack Obama over and over, “But if you want a U.S. senator who will vote for more of the same from President Barack Obama’s Washington, Tester is the guy for you.”

Where would they be without my ideas and remarkable insight into politics?

Rehberg Abandoned Veterans:

Two Vietnam veterans, Alex Taft and Cliff Larsen, have written a guest column that appeared in several Montana newspapers saying “…it’s completely reckless for Rehberg to put our benefits at risk because he won’t get rid of tax loopholes for his millionaire friends.”

They go on to say, “The irony is Rehberg – along with many of his colleagues who stood in the way of a bipartisan debt solution – will drape themselves with the flag whenever a TV camera is around.  The tragedy is they haven’t backed up their patriotism with action.”

Like I’ve written before, the Veterans’ vote is very important in the 2012 Senate race – and so far it appears Tester is winning.

Important Note:

Don’t forget to stretch!