Along Came Perry

The boys and the girl vying for the GOP nomination for President in 2012 were having a great time in Iowa, attending the state fair (eating corn dogs and anything else that could be fried), participating in a debate on the Fox News Channel, and holding a straw poll.

All just seemed right in the world…

Just about the time it looked like there was a little clarity coming to the Presidential race with Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney doing well and Ron Paul making a decent showing, along came Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Perry jumped into the race on Saturday.  Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll on Monday and like a thief in the night, Perry stole the show and he has an 11 point lead over Romney and a 16 point lead over Bachmann.


It’s hard to contain the excitement – we really can’t stand any more candidates entering this race, can we?  Have the GOP voters found their man in Perry or is he just the flavor for the month of August?

But we may not be done just yet – Congressman Paul Ryan may enter the race, so may Rudy Giuliani, and Sarah Palin is toying with the idea.  There are just a few months left for the legitimate candidates to get in the race.

Rick Perry is an interesting candidate to me.  He is a veteran.  He was a C-130 pilot in the U.S. Air Force.  He does not lose elections.  Oh, and he was a Democrat up until 1989 even serving as chair of the Al Gore for President Campaign in Texas back in 1988.

With Michele Bachmann not being able to handle day to day trivia (she flubbed Elvis’ birthday recently and the birthplace of John Wayne a few months ago) she may need to take some courses in Trivial Pursuit to better her knowledge and prevent her from being “caught in a trap.” She should also fire the staffer who gave her the wrong information.

I can’t wait for Saturday Night Live to start a new season.

Mitt Romney has a couple of problems; one being the Evangelical voters may not accept his Mormon religion plus he has the problems understanding veterans, their issues, and he just looks filthy rich even when he tries not to.

So Rick Perry looks good right now – he’s created jobs in Texas and he is not Barack Obama.  It will be interesting to watch how he handles the link between himself and George W. Bush.  It’s an easy campaign angle for Obama – run those Bush commercials from 2008 again.  Are the American people looking at the Bush 43 Presidency with more adoring eyes these days – do we yearn for the days of having just two wars, a debt of less than $10 trillion, gas prices under $2.00, and unemployment under 8%?

Rick Perry has a lot riding on that outcome…

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