Clemens Trial: Dismiss it

Government prosecutors sure have a tough time when it comes to prosecuting baseball players (and others like Rod Blagojevich, Sen. Ted Stevens, etc.).

The latest ineptness from our government lawyers is that a mistrial was declared in the Roger Clemens trial today (July 14).  The prosecution showed evidence in front of the jury that had been ruled inadmissible by the Judge.

That trial was in day two.  The government prosecutors and the defense meet with the Judge in early September to see if they should continue.  In my opinion, they shouldn’t.

Before the Clemens trial we had the Barry Bonds fiasco – which resulted in millions of taxpayer dollars being spent and weeks taken away from the Feds that could have been devoted to important work.   The Feds were one for four (in baseball terms that’s a 250 average) in the Bonds case getting a guilty verdict on a felony charge of obstructing justice.   The judge declared a mistrial on the three perjury charges.

The world is a much better place after the Bonds verdict.  I could almost feel the warmth of “justice served” come over the whole country and making all us all just a little bit better (I’m joking here, folks).

Face it, a baseball player getting shot in the butt with a needle and possibly lying about it to Congress is not something our Federal prosecutors should be going after with our tax dollars.

The Clemens case should have never come to trial and here’s hoping some adults in the United States Department of Justice decide to dismiss it – and save us a few million dollars.

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2 thoughts on “Clemens Trial: Dismiss it

  1. Good thoughts but I’m not totally sure I agree. On the one hand, they have Clemens appearing to have possibly perjured (of course). However, on the other, you have a lot of taxpayer money that could be used otherwise. It’s going to be interesting to see what the prosecution does and how the whole situation unfolds. Personally, I think Clemens deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law but that’s just me. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really want to know what you have to say

    • Hi Chris – No matter how it turns out, Clemens is tainted. Congress should have stayed out of it (waste of taxpayer money) and there should be no federal prosecution (waste of taxpayer money). -Jack

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