Spiking the Ball

Faithful readers – pardon me while I give my personal commentary about a local issue…

When the local Great Falls (Montana) school levy was defeated, I wrote a commentary about it and figured that would be about all I’d have to say about it. I had written a column before that expressing my support for the levy request, which would cost me a little more than $15.71 per year.

The levy was defeated and life goes on…

But then I happened to read an advertisement in the local newspaper from a group called Citizens Against Higher Taxes (CAHT). In my opinion they kind of had the “spike the ball” attitude toward those who supported the levy. So I must offer my commentary about this advertisement:

It seems the group purchased some advertisements called “An Open letter to the GFPS Administration, Board of Trustees and Teachers Union” in which they claim the school district “is implementing a new bullying program and is now acting like the bully.” They contend “Anyone who opposes their viewpoint is a target of retaliation.” They also say they “expect a new attitude from the Board of Trustees and top administrators…”

The first thing I thought about was that these people were against spending an extra $15-$20 a year to educate children, but they just spent several hundred dollars on these advertisements. The black and white ad was about 3.5 by 5 inches and ran for at least two days – and I’d bet it’s pretty expensive for people who are pinching pennies.

Secondly, after reading the rambling and sometimes incoherent “Open Letter” I thought these people could use some additional….but that is kind of spiteful so I won’t say it.

Personally, I don’t like higher taxes. The Federal Government spends too much. Our country is in deep debt. But I also understand that my taxes pay for fire and police protection, the military, decent streets (even though mine are not plowed in the winter), and I like it that my children receive a quality education. I felt that spending a few extra dollars a month was worth it. I like to see my children play an instrument in the school orchestra, learn a foreign language, play volleyball, and participate in track – all activities that might be cut back some next year.

But that’s OK, the “people” have spoken…and the word is out that Great Falls, Montana, said “No” to their children.

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