Sunspot Baby

“Man that was sure unkind…” –Sunspot Baby lyrics by Bob Seger

That’s what I was thinking after reading that most of Kansas and Missouri was switched from the Kansas/Missouri men’s basketball game to the Michigan/Michigan State men’s game on Saturday.

Being located over a thousand miles from the game, I really did not think too much about it when Greg Gumbel said CBS was switching from the Kansas/Missouri game to the start of the Michigan/Michigan State game.  I figured that here in Montana I was lucky to see a few minutes of the game.

But for some reason, CBS switched the game on their affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri – in the heart of the border rivalry! I also heard it was switched in Columbia, Missouri – the home of the Missouri Tigers.

Someone said it was “sunspots” and the “perfect storm” and that the network was to blame. No matter what, the crowds went wild and grew angry…in the bars, in the restaurants, and in their homes…as Missouri went on an 11-0 run to tighten up the game, only to lose by four points.

With the NCAA basketball tournament getting ready to start this month, CBS needs to get their “A” game together or they may find just a little more “March Madness” than they bargained for.