Being Cool

After “celebrating” my birthday last week and knowing there’s a pretty good chance that I have lived more days than I have left to live (unless I am in some way related to Walter Breuning, the world’s oldest man), I decided to do the “cool thing” and watch the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Besides, there wasn’t any football.

I know this is a shocking revelation for my readers, but there were people performing and nominated for awards who I did not know.

Even more shocking were the people I did know looked old. Some looked very old.

By the way, the Grammys are just a little older than me – so you can thank my generation for being cool enough to come up with the idea.

Before the Grammys, I checked out the red carpet coverage of the folks arriving for the show. Lady Gaga arrived inside an egg-shaped plastic capsule (supposedly it was a womb) for the awards.

I remember back when Mork (aka Robin Williams from the sitcom Mork and Mindy) arrived on earth in an egg back in 1978, so Lady Gaga is not really blazing new trails here. So Na-Nu, Na-Nu to you, Lady Gaga…

I also prepped for the Grammys by checking out 60 Minutes and the Anderson Cooper interview with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is an artist and entertainer. She is cutting edge. She is just the 2010 version of Elvis or Madonna – by the way these are two artists I remember. Lady Gaga won four Grammys – Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!

There were upsets. Some group called “Arcade Fire” won album of the year with an album called “The Suburbs.” They beat Lady Gaga, Eminem, Lady Antebellum and Katy Perry.

I’ll have to check out that album…some day just to be cool.

There were also bleeps to cut out the bad language, which is nothing new. We watch the Grammys for the unexpected, for the style, and for the performances and there were some great performances.

By the way, artists’ performing another’s song just doesn’t do it for me – unless the original artist is dead and it is a tribute.

But after it was all over (yes, I stayed up past my bedtime) I am beginning to think I am not cool any more. My kids have been telling me this for years, but now I am starting to believe them.

My parents were not too cool either…

You can check out the nominees and the winners HERE.

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  1. We tuned in for a few minutes – just enough to catch Mick Jagger and then Barbra Streisand. Amazing that Mick can still jump, run, yell, and perform with such energy. Babs – well, as always, she’s got a beautiful voice…and not much else.

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