Super Bowl: MVPs, Rushing, Receiving, and Trivia

It’s only Tuesday and the Super Bowl seems so far away. So to get you ready for the big game, here is another column with information about the Super Bowl. Today I take a look at the Most Valuable Players, rushing and receiving leaders. Plus there’s a piece of trivia at the end to impress those people at your Super Bowl party!

Most Valuable Player (MVP):

If you are the quarterback of a Super Bowl team the chances of winning the MVP award is significantly higher. There have been 23 QBs named MVP of the Super Bowl. There have been 44 Super Bowls played. Running backs have won it seven times and wide receivers have won it six times.

In Super Bowl XII, two players were co-MVPs, DT Randy White and DE Harvey Martin of the Dallas Cowboys. They are the only two co-MVPs.

San Francisco QB Joe Montana is the only three-time Super Bowl MVP. Green Bay QB Bart Starr, Pittsburgh QB Terry Bradshaw, and New England QB Tom Brady are the only two time winners.

Another piece of trivia is that four players have won College Football’s Heisman Trophy and were named Super Bowl MVP. They are Dallas Cowboys QB Roger Staubach, Oakland Raiders QB Jim Plunkett, Los Angeles Raiders running back Marcus Allen, and Green Bay Packers kick and punt returner Desmond Howard.

Super Bowl Rushing:

Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers holds the record for most yards gained in his career at the Super Bowl which is four games. Harris has 354 yards rushing.

As for one game, Timmy Smith of the Washington Redskins holds the record against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII. He gained 204 yards. It was his rookie year.

Super Bowl Receiving:

One name stands out in the Super Bowl record book in receptions: Jerry Rice. Rice holds the record for most receptions (career) with 33. This was over four games and totals 589 yards which is another Super Bowl record. He also shares the record for most receptions in a game (11) and for yards receiving in a game (215). Rice also caught eight TDs in his Super Bowl career – another record.

The final piece of Super Bowl information today deals with the Steelers helmet logo. According to the Steelers website:

The Steelers are the only NFL team that sports their logo on only one side of the helmet. At first, this was a temporary measure because the Steelers weren’t sure they would like the look of the logo on an all-gold helmet. They wanted to test them before going all-out.

Equipment manager Jack Hart was instructed to put the logo only on one side of the helmet – the right side. The 1962 Steelers finished 9-5 and became the winningest team in franchise history to date. The team finished second in the Eastern Conference and qualified for the Playoff Bowl. They wanted to do something special for their first postseason game, so they changed the color of their helmets from gold to black, which helped to highlight the new logo.

Because of the interest generated by having the logo on only one side of their helmets and because of their team’s new success, the Steelers decided to leave it that way permanently.

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