Just Shut Up…

Within a few minutes of the tragedy in Arizona the blame game started. The left blamed the right and the right blamed the left.

The cable news networks picked their sides and the debate started.

It’s time for everyone to just shut up – take a step back. Do no harm. People were murdered – one was a nine year-old girl – who just wanted to meet the congresswoman – a role model. Others have also suffered and some will be scarred for life both mentally and physically.

Maybe it started when Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said that the state has “become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry” and that “it’s time that this country take a little introspective look at the crap that comes out on radio and TV.”

No matter who started it, it is now well past the time to stop the blame game – to just shut up. It doesn’t help the situation with a Bill O’Reilly Talking Points Memo or a Keith Olbermann Special Commentary – or a Sarah Palin video posted on Facebook – or a John Kerry speech.

As I mentioned in my previous column about this senseless attack, there are plenty of wackos in this world. One never can tell what will set them off.

There are always going to be deep divisions in the political world. We see our politicians slapping each other on the back and laughing together on C-SPAN. Later on, that same person is raising money to run vicious political advertisements or to send flyers to their “good friend’s” constituents with crosshairs on their state or district to defeat that person – and that’s someone they called “their good and honorable friend.”

It’s easy for politicians to send out press releases calling for “civility” and “bipartisanship” but they have a long way to go to prove they will change their tone.

As a Nation, we can do a lot better – but we can’t expect to find the answers to our problems by watching our favorite cable news channel.

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