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It’s the Christmas season! Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers!  Here at The Western Word I have been busy getting ready for the Christmas program (I’m a choir member) and decorating around the house. Christmas music is being played at my house and I won’t let scrooge get me down this year…even though I have not been invited to the White House Christmas party…

This week I write about some things that “Caught My Eye” and that I did not have time to write about during the week. Sometimes I add just a little sarcasm…

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this week’s Caught My Eye…

Just Give:

There are many people in our neighborhoods and in out towns who are having a tough go of it this Christmas season, so drop a few dollars in the Salvation Army’s red kettles or write a check to your local charity to help those who are less fortunate. Every child should have something under the tree this year!

Every little donation helps! One place that I donate to says it only takes $1.79 for one Christmas dinner. We need to look out for one another. Merry Christmas!

Also, take a few minutes and attend a school Christmas program! The children and the teachers have been working hard – and it will get you in the spirit!

Favorite Christmas Song:

Everyone has a favorite and mine is “Handel’s Messiah” which has also been called “Hallelujah Chorus.” You can listen to it HERE. This has been my favorite since my high school choir performed it many many Christmases ago. The rumors are false that I hung out with George Frideric Handel in my younger days…

Oh Santa:

Almost every year we hear about a Santa somewhere getting into trouble. This year I heard about this Santa who lost his job after 20 years for telling adults when they say they’ve been good, “Gee, that’s too bad.”

Don’t Bite:

A 57 year-old woman bit part of her husband’s tongue off… and then went outside and sang Christmas carols. It all started when the husband entered the bathroom when she was on the toilet…

The Political Inbox:

I received a few e-mails this week from political parties and also some in response to the columns I wrote. Here are the best:

-My column about the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices job opening received a few responses. One person wrote that the Governor appointing one of the candidates for the job would be like appointing Charlie Rangel. I feel the same way. 

-The Montana GOP is still excited about Winterfest which will be held this Saturday in Kalispell. They sent me a couple e-mails about Winterfest and the keynote speaker and other speakers and candidates – which means about everyone who attends Winterfest will be speaking. They should really invite me to be the “keynote” speaker…I can throw some snowballs… and I like free meals…

-I received a nice e-mail from the National Institute on Money in State Politics this week saying they would be following my blog. Check out their website HERE.

-The Republican National Committee (RNC) sent an e-mail with the subject, “The Fight for 2012 Begins Today” and said, “Now, we face the challenge of retiring our debt, closing our 2010 books on an even footing, and moving on to lay the indispensable early groundwork required to elect the next Republican President of the United States. The fight to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 begins today!”

-I love when political groups from around the state send me e-mails and disclose all their members e-mail addresses, especially when they are sending their political e-mails to city, county and state officials’ government e-mail addresses. I have a special archive for those e-mails…

Bill Clinton sent me an e-mail with the subject, “A special invitation.” He says Hillary’s campaign is still in debt and he is trying to raise some coin. Donors ($5 or more) will be eligible for a drawing for a free trip to New York City and spend the day with former President Clinton.

Do You Own a Plane?

From the “It makes me shake my head in disbelief file” it seems the FAA does not know who owns 357,000 private and commercial aircraft in the U.S. Check out the story HERE.

The Edge:

Last Saturday the Great Falls Tribune kind of slammed Federal Government workers in their “The Edge” column about the pay freeze saying a “Freeze is not a freeze.” They also talked about the salary of GS-15 saying a new GS-15 would make $124,000 starting salary. They added, “Nice work if you can get it.”

First, there are not a lot of GS-15 workers in the Tribune’s circulation, but there are hundreds if not close to thousands of Federal government workers in their circulation area (like at Malmstrom AFB, Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, Forest Service, etc.). Many are the GS-5 to GS-12 pay scales. The Tribune should be nicer to them.

By the way, there could be a few GS-15s back in Washington, maybe at the Department of Defense, calling the shots for new defense missions…

And finally as I come down from my soap box, with so many Federal Government workers in the Tribune’s area, one would think that when they list holiday closures, they would at least list the Federal Government instead of just the City, County and State government closures.

Leave Peyton Alone:

Peyton Manning had a rough stretch where he threw several interceptions and the sports commentators went wild saying he may be on the downside of his career and stuff like that.

Last night in a victory over the Titans, Peyton had two TD passes and no interceptions.

Peyton leads the NFL in passing yardage. He’s also behind Favre, Brees and little brother Eli in interceptions this season. He’ll be fine. The Colts are just having a tough year.

The Appendectomy:

My team, the Kansas City Chiefs, are leading the AFC West by two games. Playoff tickets are being printed. Chiefs’ gear under the Christmas tree is not a gag gift this year. Earlier this week it was reported that Chiefs’ starting QB, Matt Cassel, missed practice because he was ill. After practice, the Chiefs released info that he had an appendectomy….and Chiefs Nation all said, “crap.”

Cassell will probably miss the biggest game of the season against the Chargers this Sunday. If he does play, then he is a “He Man.”

Check the Ball:

The men’s basketball game between Illinois and Oakland had an interesting twist. It seems they used a women’s basketball for the first few minutes (those basketballs are lighter, but there’s no truth to the rumors they won’t break nails, or that they can only be purchased at Malls). Check out the story HERE.

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  1. With liberals like you objecting to every measure that is proposed to reduce the deficit, it’s no wonder our country is going bankrupt. My compliments to the Tribune for having the courage to stand up to Obama and point out that his “pay freeze” proposal is some and mirrors. Private sector employers have been slashing their work force; public sector employers need to do the same — including the military. The deficit will only be solved by making reductions across the board. get some backbone dude; I’m glad the Trib has one.

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