If early reports are any indication from the new book by Bob Woodward, the Obama Administration is not able to handle our country’s National Security or the war in Afghanistan.

Americans should be concerned. It appears that Obama is letting politics decide how to protect our country and win a war.

Also, early details from the book show our military leaders don’t trust Obama and the folks he has in his administration (many who never served in the military).

People in the military understand that the President is the Commander in Chief of the military. They show respect for the office, but they don’t have to really respect the person. The military leaders will fight like hell for their troops to succeed, too. That is the bottom line for the military leader. 

And it’s just not Obama; we see a lot of elected officials and their staff running around touring military bases and getting the VIP treatment from leaders there when most, if not all, of the people stationed at these bases don’t really like the non-veteran elected officials or their staff. There are a lot of funny jokes that come out of the meetings with the elected officials and their staffers because of their silly questions. I know there were several good stories about the ineptness of some elected officials during my military career.

But military personnel salute and march on up the hill. Only when a book, such as Woodward’s comes out, do we really get a glimpse of how the folks in the military feel and how they fight to win, no matter who is calling the shots.