I was saddened to read that my favorite sports columnist, Jason Whitlock, was leaving the Kansas City Star to pursue other interests.

It was a great 16 year run for Whitlock at the Star. You can now catch his columns on Fox Sports and he’s on Twitter.

Called a jerk by some and admired by others I found Whitlock to be a refreshing voice for the sports fans. For the KC Star, people read his columns and commented, and called him names – but they read his columns!  Living here in the wilds of Montana and being a Kansas City Chiefs and Big 12 fan, it was always worthwhile to get Whitlock’s take on what was happening with my favorite teams, not to mention his insight about everyone from the front office on down to the third-string quarterback.

I anxiously waited for his seasoning-ending grade of each player, the coaches, as well as the front office personnel for the Chiefs. Whitlock’s brutal honesty about each was refreshing. It’s something we don’t see much of these days – especially in the local papers I read or in the region where I reside.

The Star lost a valuable person in Jason Whitlock. Here’s to many more years of brutal honesty from Whitlock!

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