Apple Pie

I happened to see the story about Democratic U.S. Senator Carl Levin getting hit with a pie during one of his meetings in Michigan.

It was a Dutch apple pie. It was a waste of a Dutch apple pie.

I don’t condone violence against elected officials. I also don’t believe you should waste a good pie on a politician. The pie thrower was arrested on felony charge of stalking and misdemeanor counts of assault and disorderly conduct.

Supposedly, Levin was targeted because of the war. When I first heard about the incident, I thought he was targeted because he has the worst comb-over in the history of the senate (only slightly ahead of Byron Dorgan).

By the way, the Senate should have some rules about stupid-looking haircuts. One rule should be if the part in your hair is within an inch of your ear, you must go bald.

Seriously though, Levin is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. As far as I know from several bios I’ve read about him, he has no experience whatsoever – no military service – nothing that should enable him to chair this important committee.

That’s another thing the Democrats fail at – having leaders who have experience (or no filling in pie talk).

2 thoughts on “Apple Pie

  1. Mmmmm…pie. Also: Levin needs to be reprimanded for his “glasses on end of nose” appearance – that just looks so, so ridiculous.

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