Typical Summer Fun!

Summer – the time for getting outdoors, going on vacation, attending fairs, catching some baseball and watching for the latest Brett Favre rumors.

Today some “sources” are saying Favre will retire. That’s typical for early August. Nothing has been posted on his website, yet. The Vikings are hoping he returns as is about everyone else – except those folks in the NFC Central North.

The rumor about ESPN wanting to do a one-hour special about Favre’s announcement with Jim Gray hosting was, thankfully, just a rumor. The rumor about Favre playing for the Miami Heat was just a rumor, too.

If he does really decide to retire, I would just post a statement on my website, go fishing, and turn off the cell phone. Please, no more press conferences. Retirement rumors about Brett Favre have become somewhat of a joke. He deserves better.

Favre was a trending topic on Twitter today, but his name was spelled F-A-R-V-E. That’s enough to make a person want to play another season right there – maybe he’ll think if they can’t spell his name correctly, he needs to come back and get it right. One more trip to the Super Bowl would do that, Brett.

Supposedly, it’s Favre’s ankle that’s giving him a problem. Come on Brett, tape it up nice and tight and let’s play some football. I want to see you beat the Packers twice next season, again – to make them think about their stupid move to let you go. The Packers are cursed until at least Favre is in the Hall of Fame, which I believe will be five years after he officially retires. Long live the Favre curse on the Packers!

So we wait to see if the latest rumor is true. I hope not. It’s really not over until the first game of the regular season and then my hopes will dim.

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