I was happy to see the George Zimmerman trial end and maybe you were, too. I was getting a little annoyed at CNN Breaking News alerts telling me things like, “The jurors in the George Zimmerman trial are taking a one-hour lunch break.”

Plus, the only news one could get during the time of the Zimmerman trial in Florida was when that trial was in recess. Then that news was mostly about what had recently happened during the trial. The anchor would ask some attorney they hired to interpret what just aired. I think there are way too many attorneys…

So now since the trial is finished, we get nonstop analysis. Nonstop.

The Zimmerman trial ended about the way I expected it to with a not guilty verdict. I was not cheering for either side. The bottom line is a 17 year-old young man named Trayvon Martin died. His family will never be the same and George Zimmerman and his family will never be the same.

It was a tragedy.

Someone wrote on Twitter that it’s great that we have Twitter and Facebook so that during times like this we can see how stupid some of our athletes and celebrities really are. Amen to that.   Continue reading