The Sunday Message

Stand up for what you know is right, and judge all people fairly. Protect the rights of the poor and those who need help.Proverbs 31:9 (ERV)

I like a good peaceful protest. That’s one of the great things about living in the United States – we have the right to protest things in which we don’t agree.

On Saturday I did a quick check of Google News to see what I could find about protests.

  • There were protests for and against Planned Parenthood.
  • There were protests in several locations about immigration enforcement raids.
  • There were anti-Trump protests in several places
  • There were protests at U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ (R-Mont.) offices last week.

I have been on both ends of protests – from attending rallies against or for an issue to working in a local senate field office where protesters showed up. Just as you would imagine there were people at both events who wanted to scream, swear, threaten, and show their anger. That’s not the way to go about it, in my opinion. There were also people who peacefully protested and gave their opinion about the issue.

If you are passionate about an issue – attend a protest and let your elected officials know about it – just be peaceful.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr.



The Sunday Message

Wow – we made it to 2016. Congratulations!

I was hoping to use this “Sunday Message” column to change the world or, at least, use this spot on the internet to write something insightful enough that it sticks with my readers during the week and makes a difference.

The Sunday Message idea was this: For at least one day each week I would write about religion or church or something along those lines. I almost quit writing the Sunday Message a year or so ago, but I guess God stepped in. I happened to watch a video from one of the pastors in my church. He said something about connecting to people that made me want to continue writing this weekly column.

And so it continues…

As for me writing something insightful – that is up to you – the reader – to determine. I guess lyrics from the Cheers theme song may fit what I am trying to do:

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn’t you like to get away?

I am not an expert on religion or the Bible or anything like that. I do try to read/listen to the Bible each day. I attend church almost every week, although I sometimes find it boring.

I’ve failed as a Christian more times than I have succeeded.

I’ve been a Christian since I was 18 years-old. I have encountered many mountains and many valleys along the way. In other words, I’ve been stuck in the ditch many times in my walk with God, but I have also experienced some very wonderful things.

I have been mad at God many times in my life. I have also spent many times praising him for all the good he has done.

So that is kind of where I’m coming from with The Sunday Message.

Going into 2016, some people are more hateful and intolerant toward others than I have ever seen. That should bother us all. I don’t care about the color of your skin or your religion or who you date or who you marry. We need to respect each other. We need to pray for each other. We need to pray for our leaders, even if we did not vote for them.

I know that in the end, God will sort it all out. The great pastor Billy Graham once said, “I’ve read the last page of the Bible, it’s all going to turn out all right.”

I guess I will end my message with this question (just to make you think):

Someone once said, “If you were brought before a jury and charged with the ‘crime’ of being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

Have a great week – and a wonderful 2016!

## END ##

The Sunday Message

The problem with writing about religion is that you run the risk of offending sincerely religious people, and then they come after you with machetes.Dave Barry

I’ll make sure I wear armor today in case the machetes come out…

I do have respect for some of the “sincerely religious people” whom I know. I believe some are trying to do the right thing in regard to spreading the message about God and Jesus.

Sadly, many of those people just turn us off.

Someone told me years ago that in my walk with God there would be times I would be on the mountaintop and other times I would be in the valley.

The interesting thing I have found is that God is in both places – and I’m being “sincere” about that.

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.Proverbs 15:3 (NIV)


## END ## 

The Sunday Message

There are several variations of this story; here is one:

A man fell in the ocean and he couldn’t swim. When a boat came by, the captain yelled, “Do you need help, sir?” The man calmly said, “No, God will save me.” A little later, another boat came by and a fisherman asked, “Hey, do you need help?” The man replied again, “No God will save me.” Eventually the man drowned and went to heaven. The man asked God, “Why didn’t you save me?” God replied, “I sent you two boats!”

Sometimes in our walk with God, we don’t see the obvious answer or solution that is right in front of us.

Religious people over the years have tried to explain how we are supposed to know if what we think God wants us to do is actually what God wants us to do.

I think the best answer is to pray about it and read the Bible. If you still have doubts, seek counsel and guidance from a fellow Christian or leader in your church.

Plus, be on the lookout for boats.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.        Psalm 3:5-6

## END ##

The Sunday Message

You feel like your life is fading
You’re tired of waiting, for your moment to arrive
But tomorrow will bring a song that you can sing
And your hope is gonna rise
Love is coming and it’s calling out your name

-Lyrics from “Lift Up Your Face” by Third Day

Do you ever get depressed in the winter? For me the winter season – especially in the months of January and February – can be downright depressing. I look forward to spring and feel renewed when the spring sun warms me.

One thing to remember is that God is always there – even during the times that we are depressed – So talk to him…

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