Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Quote for the Day…

Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak. -Unknown

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Levine vs Grubich
  • Zinke & Tranel
  • One More Thing


In case you missed it, KRTV in Great Falls did a story about the race for state district court judge in Cascade County that pits Michele Levine against David Grubich.

The interesting thing about this race is that Levine was appointed by Steve Bullock, the former Governor, (a Democrat) to the judgeship. She was not confirmed by the Republican State Senate. Then Republican Greg Gianforte appointed Grubich to the position.

The whole process smelled. It was something that Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump would applaud.

The wackiest statement in the interview came from Grubich. He said, “Politics isn’t what got me this job.”

Bullshit. That is exactly what got you the job and you know it.

As I said before, I’ll be casting my vote for Michelle Levin.

Read the complete interview from KRTV by clicking HERE.


Montana’s Congressional District 1 race is heating up with less than 60 days to go and just about a month before the absentee ballots are mailed.

I’m seeing more attacks from the candidates than I am policy statements. The latest is that Republican Ryan Zinke is reportedly corrupt and hasn’t built a veteran’s park and that Democrat Monica Tranel supposedly tried to get a child rapist out of prison and used 9/11 to say something about threats to our democracy — both external and internal.

Great googly moogly!

Nobody likes negative campaigning, but it does work in many instances. It takes time away from the candidates and their people who must respond to the attacks.

The internal polls must show the race is close. Get your popcorn!

The three people in the race are Republican Ryan Zinke, Democrat Monica Tranel, and Libertarian John Lamb.


According to WSVN-TV in Miami, a fire that broke out in a parking lot at Hard Rock Stadium during a Miami Dolphins game consumed nearly a dozen vehicles, and investigators believe a tailgate party preceding the event may have played a role.

How did it start?

Police officers who responded to the Miami Gardens venue said someone left a barbecue pit under their car when they went in for the game.

I guess the rookie tailgaters did not follow Smokey Bear rules for putting out a campfire.

Read the complete WSVN-TV report HERE.

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