The Monday Memo

Many a time a man’s mouth broke his nose. –Irish Proverb

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • The Vaseline Complaint
  • 2019 Congressional District Census
  • Let it Snow…
  • One More Thing

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Thursday Numbers

There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange. – Daniel Webster

Welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” In case you’re a first-time visitor, this is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm.

This week’s topics include Greg Gianforte, Facebook, poop train, Ryan Zinke, Denise Juneau, unemployment, snow, Donald Trump, RGIII, and much more!

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January Makes Me Shiver…

Back in January 2011 I wrote a column about my feelings toward the month of January. These are not good feelings because I actually hate January.

I thought about the old column as I was scooping about a gazillion inches of snow this week in the single-digit temperatures, wondering if, after several years, I would actually see a city snowplow on my street.

This was about the same time when I broke another snow shovel, which will go into the snow shovel graveyard in the corner of my garage.

Since the holiday break is over and we’re well into this terrible month, I thought today would be a great day to re-post the column with some additional thoughts.


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Of Snowplows and Snow Removal

I don’t write too many columns about local issues because most of the time I don’t really care, but the city’s snowplowing issue was just too good to pass up…

We all witnessed the issue with snow removal in New York City a couple of weeks ago. It was terrible and the Mayor said they would do better.

A few thousand of miles away, I scooped about 11 inches of snow from my sidewalks (it’s the rule that I clear my sidewalks, but the city does not have to plow my street) and I also removed the snow in the alley behind my garage – never once seeing a snowplow anywhere near my street. I helped three or four people who were stuck get their vehicles going just on my city street.

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