GREAT FALLS MT: For Parks; Against Kids

After finding out the Operational Levy for Great Falls Public Schools failed, someone posted on Facebook, “What rotten excuses for human beings would vote no on the levy?!?!? Seriously, who would actually vote against this?!”

It seems it’s pretty easy for some people to vote against the kids in Great Falls. Many vote “against the kids” because they are jealous or mad that some administrators make a decent living.

The school levy was defeated 9,648 – 8,056 or by 1,592 votes. On the bright side, the creation of a Park District was approved 8,279 – 7,738. Another bright spot was that two solid people were elected to the school board, Teresa Schreiner and Kim Skornogoski.

Great Falls has a population of 59,178 and only 17,704 people voted. Shameful.

One of the selling points for voting for the school levy was the fact that other Class AA schools in Montana: Billings, Missoula, Butte, Bozeman, Kalispell, and Helena all spend more per pupil than Great Falls. After the defeat of this levy, there will be even more of a difference in spending.

The people who vote against schools and children are what I like to call ignorant. They are part of a group of haters that whatever officials do, they are against it. Whether it be the school board, the school administrators, the city commission, city employees, county commissioners, county employees, these haters are mostly against what they do.

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Graybill v Parent Coalition for Accountability in Schools

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” –Derek Bok

Friday afternoon the Great Falls (MT) Tribune posted a story on their website about a campaign complaint being filed against the anti-school levy folks in Great Falls.

A local Great Falls attorney, Ben Graybill, filed the complaint. The complaint filed with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices is called “Graybill v Parent Coalition for Accountability in Schools COPP-2014-CFP-0018.” You can read the complaint HERE.

After reading the complaint, I smiled.

Basically Graybill contends the Parent Coalition for Accountability in Schools violated the rules by not filing as a political group with the state. He contends they supported a candidate for school board and they dropped flyers on some doorsteps urging people to “Vote No on School Levy.”

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