REO Speedwagon: Still Rolling

For a couple hours on Tuesday night in Great Falls, Montana, REO Speedwagon took the crowd of 5000 away from their worries of unemployment, the national debt, war, and united the young and the old with old-fashioned ear-splitting rock and roll.

It was just a normal Tuesday night for REO – a sixteen song set list that had something for everyone from the 1973 song “Ridin’ the Storm Out” to the 1971 political song “Golden Country” – they’ve been doing these shows in one form or the other since 1967.

More importantly, this was a chance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of REO’s greatest selling album from 1981 titled, “Hi Infidelity.”  So hearing REO kick off the concert with “Don’t Let Him Go” and continuing with “Keep on Loving You,” “In Your Letter,” “Someone Tonight,” “Tough Guys” and “Take it on the Run” from that album was nothing short of a classic rock celebration. Continue reading