Just Football…

It was a little tough for me in picking the NFL games last week.  I ended up with 10 correct (out of 16), so I’m hoping for better days ahead.  I may not win a pizza this year from Papa John’s…not that I need a pizza.

With fall starting, I am into football full time.  It all starts on Friday nights, where I enjoy listening to some of the high school games on the radio and keeping up with scores from high school games all across the nation via Twitter (@TheWesternWord).

On Saturday, my attention turned to major college ball and ended with me watching Mizzou at Oklahoma, the Bobcats at Eastern Washington, and the Griz getting whipped by Sac State.  Yep, I can keep up with all three and even feed myself…sometimes I drop a little food, but that’s the way it goes during football season.

Today’s commentary about football deals with the winless teams in the NFL, the ESPN NFL Countdown crew, major college football and division II ball.  I also have to comment on some Montana High School football.  Enjoy… (more…)