The Sunday Message

I was against gay marriage until I realized I didn’t have to get one. – James Carville

While the U.S. Supreme Court is now deliberating whether or not same-sex marriage should be allowed, Gallup Polling recently reported that there has been a shift in what people believe.

When asked if they believed marriage between same-sex individuals should be legal and recognized by law as valid, overall 54% said yes and 44% said no. (Source)

The people who oppose same sex marriage were asked why they believed that way and 47% said it was because of their religion or because of the Bible.

Gallup even broke it down further. Of the people who say they attend church once per week, 69% said same-sex marriage should not be valid. Of the people who never attend church, 75% said same-sex marriage should be valid.

I can probably be counted in the group of people who have shifted their views over the years. Gallup has this handy little graph that shows how much the opinion of this issue has changed over the years. Check it out HERE. Back in 1996, only 27% thought same-sex marriages should be recognized by law. Now it’s 54%.

If your neighbor has a completely different view on abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, all of those things, you still are both Americans. Neither one of you is necessarily more patriotic than the other. Neither loves their country any more than the other one does. – Phil McGraw

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State of the Union: Guns & Zombies

U.S. Constitution – Article 2 Section 3

He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.

Mister Speaker…The President of the United States…

Are you excited? Is this a great country or what?

The State of the Union (SOTU) is tonight and barring an attack from Zombies here in Montana I’ll be watching (and since there’s no football games on TV).

I imagine we’ll hear President Barack Obama talk about guns, immigration, jobs and the economy, education, campaign finance, the sequester, Afghanistan, veterans, and much more (but probably not about Zombies).

Speaking of guns, it’s being reported that rocker Ted Nugent will attend the State of the Union address as the guest of Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman. Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly will be attending as guests of Senator John McCain and Rep. Ron Barber.

By the way, classic rock fans will be happy to hear that REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Ted Nugent are kicking off “The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express” tour in April! Par-tee!

Members of Congress can invite one person to attend the SOTU. CNN has the guest list. I was not invited… Continue reading

Caught My Eye…

Hey Caught My Eye (CME) fans…you’ve made it to another Friday and as is normal I congratulate you on this milestone. To signify the importance of another edition of Caught My Eye being published, Britain decided to have a Royal Wedding and the United States decided to launch Space Shuttle Endeavour today.

I thank both countries…

If this is your first visit, CME is not a government-run health program; it is just a weekly column that I publish on Fridays. I take a look (sometimes sarcastically) at stories that I did not have time to write about during the week and let folks read about some stories that may not have made their local newscasts or papers.

Besides, it is Friday and you deserve a break from all the crap you put up with this week.

The only requirement to read CME is that you must show me your long-form certificate of live birth (Just kiddin).

Today I take a look at the birther issue, urban chickens, name-calling, the Montana Legislature, and doggie doors. I also check my political inbox….so let’s get going! Continue reading