Schweitzer: Five Minutes on FBN

The Fox Business Network (FBN) went after former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer this week. Yes, the Fox Business Network.

The title of their five-minute piece about Schweitzer was “Liberal Non-Profit Skirts IRS Rule” and David Asman reported that Schweitzer’s non-profit was “skirting IRS rules on political activity.” You can watch it HERE. Asman seems really excited about his report. The words “IRS Scandal” can be seen throughout the segment.

The former governor should probably feel a little slighted that he was only mentioned on FBN because their ratings are not that good. I don’t watch FBN, so I found out about the story when “Voices of Montana” host Aaron Flint wrote about it on his award-winning blog, “The Flint Report.” You can read his take on the story HERE.

The Montana Republican Party pounced on it (that’s their job) with Tweets like, “Brian Schweitzer caught in dark money expose!” There’s a post on the blog, “The Lowdown,” which is run by Great Falls Tribune reporter John Adams. You can read his story HERE.

I don’t think anyone else cares, yet.   Continue reading

So let it be written…

It was really not a surprise when I happened to catch a tweet from the Great Falls Tribune (@GFTribune) last night that said, “Commissioner of political practices resigns.”

After reading the story in Sunday’s Tribune about the current Commissioner, Dave Gallik, and the problems the office was having, I wrote in my column on Monday, “…here’s my advice to Gallik:  Resign.”

He did.  Gallik’s parting shot in today’s Tribune tells it all: “This is a political, Republican-based fight against me,” Gallik said. “Not necessarily against me, against anybody who wants to get the job done down there.” Continue reading

MT Political Practices: Fair and Impartial?

I’ve written several columns about the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices over the past few years, so today when I read that “Political practices commissioner donated to Bullock campaign in 2009” after he had made a recent ruling in favor of Attorney General Steve Bullock, I just shook my head.

The new State Political Practices Commissioner Dave Gallik was asked why he did not recuse himself given the fact that he donated to Bullock’s campaign.  He said, “I don’t believe I need to recuse myself.”

That’s pretty messed up – and that’s putting it mildly. The office of the Commissioner of Political Practices for Montana reminds me of the referees used for Harlem Globetrotters basketball games. Continue reading