The Monday Memo

A wise man makes his own decisions. An ignorant man follows public opinion. ― Grantland Rice

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Montana Endorsements
  • Trump & COVID-19
  • Debate Freefall

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Caught My Eye…

The police came around last night and told me my dogs were chasing people on bikes. I told the officer that my dogs don’t even have bikes. -Unknown

Welcome to “Caught My Eye” (CME)!

CME is the once a week column that is posted here every Friday morning. This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. There may be some sarcasm and pointed independent commentary so be warned!

Here are the topics that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Fair Care for Vietnam Vets Act
  • Judge Greg Pinski
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Fox News Polls
  • One More Thing

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Tuesday’s Quick Hits

It’s strange how common sense isn’t that common anymore. – Unknown

Tuesday’s Quick Hits is the column where I post a short narrative from recent major stories and provide brief commentary.

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • Great Falls Public Schools
  • Dixville Notch
  • Gallup Polling

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