The Wednesday Read

Here are the topics that I am providing commentary about today:

  • Cascade County Clerk & Recorder
  • Matt Rosendale
  • Trump Indictment
  • March Madness Brackets


The Electric is reporting that Sandra Merchant, Cascade County Clerk and Recorder, said in an email on March 21 that her office “will hold the upcoming May 2, 2023 school election and it will be completed as directed by the Montana Secretary of State.” She wrote that absentee ballots would be mailed April 17.

Although this is good news that Merchant is finally doing her job, there are other elections this year that may be in peril.

I still believe Merchant is in over her head with this position. She should seriously consider resigning.

You can read the full report from The Electric HERE.


U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT-02) has embarrassed Montana a lot these past few years with his comments, his votes, and his photos. He recently made the news again when he talked about abortion pills and emergency contraception.

Rosendale appeared on the Catholic News channel and was asked about Walgreens and abortion pills:

According to Jezebel, here is Rosendale’s response::

“I’m really glad that they have, there is a lot of risk that’s involved with Plan B abortifacients. And not everyone recognizes the danger that it poses to the health of the woman that is taking these things and the reactions that might take place thereafter. And if she’s at home by herself with no one there to supervise what is even going on.”

Jezebel says that Plan B is not an abortifacient. The two abortion drugs currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration are mifepristone (the drug at the center of pending lawsuit in Texas) and misoprostol, a drug that can be used alone to induce an abortion. Plan B is the brand name for levonorgestrel, which is designed to prevent pregnancy by delaying (or stopping) the egg from leaving the ovary, according to the FDA’s handy timeline of the drug.

I highly doubt that the majority of Montanans in Rosendale’s district care what he knows or does not know about abortion as long as he votes against it.

You can read the full article HERE.


We should have started a bingo contest so people could play bingo with the possible indictment of former President Donald Trump.

The Daily Mail says it will happen today (Wednesday), and he will appear in court next week. We’ll see.


Going into the second round of the NCAA Men’s tournament, I was sitting at a very respectable 98.5% percentage in my top bracket on ESPN. That means I was in the top 1.5% of the brackets.

At that time, there were 658 perfect brackets left at ESPN from over 20 million submitted. As of today, there are no perfect brackets left on ESPN.

Thursday starts the “Sweet 16” and my best bracket sits at 96.8% meaning I am in the top 3.2% of brackets. I have 440 points. The overall leaders have 570 points.

In the NCAA Women’s tournament, 94.2% is my best bracket.

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8 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Rosendale aligned with the most vile elements of the MAGA party. What an embarrassment for Montana. Really, matt? Putting transgender kids’ parents in jail for life is a big concern for Montanans? Whom do you work for? When did that become a Montana value, or one of your famous “codes of the west?”

    Greene’s office said the co-sponsors include Jim Banks of Indiana; Matt Gaetz, Byron Donalds and Greg Steube of Florida; Clay Higgins of Louisiana; Andrew Clyde and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia; Diana Harshbarger and Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee; Paul Gosar of Arizona; Lauren Boebert and Doug Lamborn of Colorado; Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin; Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina; Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey; Fred Keller, Dan Meuser and Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania; Matt Rosendale of Montana; Vicky Hartzler of Missouri; and Tracey Mann of Kansas

  2. Some excitement during last night’s GF City Commission meeting following general citizen comments about local elections office and possible library levy woes :

    Irate citizen / local library hater / ECB contributor / chief promoter of the false claim that the library “hosted” a drag queen story hour / and apparent heir to the mantle of Johnny Angry gets up to read Mayor Kelly the riot act with, “I want answers, NOW!”.

    Mayor Kelly thanks the speaker and … ignores the demand for answers.

    A good show all around.

    Approx 00:33:00 of this video. Person in yellow vest.

    • If these nutjobs start showing up at commission meetings more, I’ll have to carve out some time on Tuesdays to watch the circus. Thanks for providing the info and link. -JmB

      • I do not know for sure. I think the “Drag Queen Story Hour” was a video and they did not appear in person? I don’t know if the video was ever shown. Maybe one of my readers can clarify? Thanks, JmB

  3. I see from the Electric story that the Cascade County commissioners and/or Ms. Merchant apparently canceled the special elections update meeting that was scheduled for Thursday. No explanation given. After Merchant had reportedly written an email that read in part, “conflicting information has been presented throughout the Cascade County community.”

    So no chance for the public to learn information about this issue first hand from the sources. No chance for them to ask questions or express opinions. Just keep that conflicting information percolating out there.

    It’s always good to keep the mushrooms in the dark.

    • I think they were worried that many people would show up and show displeasure with the circus.
      They know they need to explain what’s going on to public, but they are afraid. Thanks, JmB

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