The Monday Memo

Happy Monday – here are some topics that recently caught my attention:

  • Killer Robot Attack Ban Act
  • Great Falls Public Library
  • Tryon vs Soplar


Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, we are now hearing about killer robots.

Great googly moogly

The Daily Montanan is reporting that a bipartisan group of Montana lawmakers wants to be sure no one in the state can use robots affixed with guns, swords or other weapons to kill people under a bill that was heard Friday that would establish the “Killer Robot Attack Ban Act.”

It’s true. The bill is HB 594. The sponsor is State Representative Kelly Kortum, D-Bozeman.

According to the Daily Montanan, Kortum said, “Montana can lead on this issue,” he said. “We can ban the use and construction of killer robots and set an example to the nation and world.”

I feel safer already. Now, if one of the clowns in the state legislature would introduce a bill to ban chemtrails…

Read the article from the Daily Montanan HERE.


Last week I wrote about a mill levy to fund the local library. I support the mill levy for the local library.

I also wrote:

“Great Falls needs to be careful not to let the wackos control what is contained in the local library. That’s happening a lot around this state and a few of those wackos spoke out against the library in the article I saw.”

It didn’t take long for the “Holier than Thou” folks in the community to start attacking the library over books they don’t like and drag shows. One person said the library folks were lying in some of their statements during a public hearing.

Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon said on his Facebook page, “This is troubling. I am looking into it.”

We all know which way he leans.

These “Holier than Thou” folks are not going to be happy until public libraries are closed.


Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon is still attempting to “persuade” a local media/news company website to take down comments from Jose Soplar, who Tryon contends is a fake account run by Larry Kralj.

Tryon also writes that the site should “require Larry Kralj to use his real identity when he smears, insults, and trashes members of this community including your readers and other commenters on your page, instead of allowing him to hide behind the fake Jose Soplar profile.”

Someone commented about Soplar, “If we all know his name is Larry Kralj, what difference does it make?”

Good point, but that is using common sense.

Someone brought up the first amendment, after which the commissioner said, “I can block or delete any comments I choose on my Facebook page without even coming close to violating anyone’s First Amendment rights.”

He is such a tough man.

I read the commissioner’s Facebook page occasionally because there are a lot of MAGA wackos who support him. I won’t comment on his page because he would probably ban me, but I see no point in arguing with him because he does a fine job of proving his ignorance all by himself.

Tryon is running for reelection, and I will not vote for him.

I think City Commissioner Tryon should spend more time on “commissioner duties” and let the local media/news company deal with their commentators.



15 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

    • Bill – it’s funny how the tune changes over time.
      I used to blog anonymously back when I was in the workforce and did not want people knowing who I was. Probably 10-12 years ago I started using my real name and people can even access my work history.
      I let anonymous comments to be posted if they are about a subject.
      Many years ago the right-wing bloggers had a group where we compared notes and information. I’ve helped many people with their blogs.
      Thanks for the information! -JmB

    • Bill, for the record, I don’t believe I ever did battle with Greg Smith. I have always had the highest respect for him. We may have disagreed on a few things, but I fully supported him in his effort to start an alternative newspaper. He did an outstanding job of reporting on the Susan Overfield affair, as did Mary Jolly. She was there that night and witnessed the entire incident. And had the courage to speak out. That was no easy feat. I long for the days when republicans in Great Falls had the intelligence, courage, and integrity of these two individuals.

      But on the other hand, I read all of the information from your post. Fascinating stuff. Pretty easy to tell in retrospect who the folks are that had a predetermined agenda. There still here. MAGAs.

      Interesting that Mr. “I never call names” had this to say:

      “ Rick Tryon January 29, 2017 At 2:54 PM
      This is spot on. Lacey needs to apologize to Arntzen and to the public. Maybe “Tummy Tammie” needs to be reminded that she works for us and she was not elected by voters – Arntzen was.”

      Good self advice from the former gad fly to the current city commissioner!

      P.S. And I greatly appreciate it Jackie for allowing all sides to comment on his topics. It provides a great perspective.

  1. Please don’t make fun of the killer robot bill. It looks like silly sci-fi stuff, but, unfortunately, it’s a real issue. Agencies around the country have been using robots in lethal situations, and the more they get used to it, the more they can argue it’s for our own good. Montana can get ahead of the curve and so that our PD’s don’t start using them in this way.

  2. Before the November election we should count up how many tax increases Commissioner Tryon has approved and/or supported. IIRC it is at least 4. Possibly more.

    Plus any tax breaks for those doing developments, that the rest of us end up paying for with higher taxes to prop up our paupered City government.

    The great conservative. Talks the talk, does not walk the walk. But right on top of looking into what really matters, library books.

      • When I finally learned what google was, I googled myself to see if I could find cousins. Holy smoke was I surprised! You wouldn’t believe how many Kralj porno sites I found. Turns out Larry Flynt was the kralj (king) of porn at the time. But now, there are literally hundreds of Kralj porn sites are out there! I can’t read them because they’re in Slovenian, but the pictures can’t be confused. I’m guessing that my relatives have done well in the porn industry.

  3. The library MAGA crowd should know that we all somehow managed to survive drag shows in our youth. If only the old biddy censors had been around to protect our fragile minds then, we wouldn’t be suffering today from PTDS, post traumatic drag syndrome!

    Jose only trashes MAGA folks who need it. A constitutionalist sheriff? He needs it. A phony pastor? He needed it. Holier than thou library bashers? They need it. And christofascist pretenders who preach hate instead of the love of Jesus? They will get trashed forever! I don’t consider that trashing. And the legislators who are always punching down on the most innocent and vulnerable in society? They need trashing the most.

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