Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Here are some topics that recently caught my attention:

  • Steve Daines
  • Retired Veterans’ Pensions
  • Censorship?


If you try to access U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ Twitter account, you will get this message:

@SteveDaines’s account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy. Learn More.

The Hill is reporting that the account was suspended possibly because of a photo of Daines and his wife hunting and showing an antelope they had harvested.

Seriously, I did not see any blood or guts or rifles in the photo. The photo could have been taken at the zoo in Billings for all we know.

Twitter should reinstate the account so we can continue to see Daines’ partisan attacks…


I saw a report from MTN News about the Montana Legislature looking at reducing the taxes for retired veterans by 50%. The bills being considered are HB 219 and SB 104,

That is a good idea, but a better idea would be no tax on military retirement pay. There are about 26 states that don’t tax military retirement pay, so if Montana wants to attract military retirees to the state, it should not tax military retirement pay at all. (Source)

If I was in charge, all retirement pay would never be taxed. A person has spent their life paying taxes on their salary, so why stick it to the person twice.

Check out the MTN News report HERE.


A few days ago, Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon complained that a local news/media site, The Electric, was letting Jose Soplar (aka Larry Kralj) use his fake name to attack people on The Electric’s Facebook page. Tryon wrote, in part:

“But I do not understand why Jenn Rowell at The Electric continues to allow a fake FB profile to sully her blog with cowardly insults and juvenile name calling.
The responsible thing for The Electric would be to require Larry Kralj to use his real name while commenting instead of the phony Jose Soplar nonsense.”

Then a few days later, Tryon posted:

“Update: I noticed that the nasty, inappropriate comments/memes posted on The Electric news blog by Larry Kralj, who hides behind the Jose Soplar fake FB profile, were taken down yesterday.
Score one for common sense.”

I guess my computer does not censure people because as of this morning, the comments from Jose Soplar were still there. (Source)

I’m glad the comments are still there and that The Electric did not cave due to a rant by a lowly city commissioner.

As for saying the comments were removed and they are still there, I guess Facebook is hard to understand for some.

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

    • Larry was referring to Lola Sheldon-Galloway. He responded to your question, but his comments were not in good taste and mentioned religion in a negative light. They were deleted. Here is what Wiki says about Republican Rep. Sheldon-Galloway:

      Lola Sheldon-Galloway is a Montana politician, and currently serves in the Montana House of Representatives. Lola was born in 1959 in Great Falls, Montana. She attended Montana State University in 2010. Her husband, Steven Galloway was elected to the state House of Representatives in 2020. They both have 6 children.

  1. On seeing so many whining complaints from the far right Maga-ts about how they’re always the victims, I keep seeing the image of a kid throwing a tantrum and yelling, “Mooommy! No fair!! He hit me back!!”

  2. Tryon’s contributions to those Electric comments display not only a fondness for censorship (at least if it involves silencing liberal voices), but also of doxxing like a common Twitter gutter troll, and cancel culture. Ticks off “the hypocritical conservative’s big three” in just a few short and totally off-topic comments. Admirable work.

    • I don’t even know why I got banned from FB. I used to post a lot of anti-MAGA political cartoons from syndicated sources, and bam, off I went. For good. If a cartoon was about the militia and contained a drawing of a rifle, I violated community standards. No guns allowed. Or if there was a guy with a tiny swastika in the cartoon, it was hate speech. The censors were unable to determine satire. So to get back on, I had to go Mexican. Now, I post no more cartoons. I don’t really mind getting kicked off except I like to buy and sell stuff occasionally on FB.

      As far as Rick’s comments, to me public figures are fair game for teasing. Rick loves to beat up LBGT folks and the homeless, hence he’s Strapon. He likes to punch down. Bob Phalen introduced a bizarre obscenity bill, so he becomes Bob Phallus. And Jesse Slaughter ran as a democrat and immediately switched to being a goofy constitutionalist sheriff, so he’s Jesse Slobber. I take an intrinsic characteristic of the person and give it voice. Easier to remember their names that way. I mean, years from now, who can forget Bob Phallus and his obscenity bill? ‘Sides, I’ve have plausible deniability. When typing some times, my fingers slip!

      I can’t wait until they resurrect Sen. Bill Thomas’s “discernibly turgid in public” bill. That was my all time favorite. That one made every late night comedy show. I can just see Lola going around to check who is discernibly turgid and who isn’t! And then maybe apprehending the perp! A veritable turgidity police force!

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