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Here are some items that caught my eye recently:

  • Rosendale Embarrasses Montana
  • Montana Freedom Caucus
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • FCS Football Championship
  • One More Thing


In case you missed it, U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) nominated Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) for Speaker of the House yesterday during which he broke House rules by calling out U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) by name. Then he denied it, but then he did it again.

Watch his full speech HERE. The embarrassing part starts around 7:30.


I saw a report from the Daily Montanan that says a group of Montana Republicans announced this week they formed the Montana Freedom Caucus, which includes all four of the Republican members appointed to the newly created select committee on election integrity.

Great googly moogly.

The good news is we now have a list of some of the MAGA nutjobs serving in the Montana Legislature.

Check out the article HERE, which includes a link to their press release.


U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is 0-11 in votes to become the next Speaker of the House. The members meet again today to try again. Some reports say they are close to a deal. We’ll see.

I think McCarthy is damaged beyond repair. He’s sold his soul to become Speaker and that was not enough. Is McCarthy the best the Republicans can offer? I think not.

The lawmakers can’t be sworn in until there’s a speaker. A lot of other things are being delayed. Check out THIS REPORT from NBC News that tells how not having a Speaker is affecting the House.


The No. 1 South Dakota State Jackrabbits will face the No. 3 North Dakota State Bison in the 2023 FCS championship game Jan. 8 in Frisco, Texas, The kickoff is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. ET, and it’s televised on ABC.

I don’t know who did the scheduling for the championship game, but this game is in the middle of several NFL games. It’s the final week of the NFL season, so there are many playoff scenarios. There are eight early games on the NFL schedule.

No sport can compete with the NFL.

The FCS Championship should be played Friday night or Saturday morning, which would give them a larger audience.

Click HERE for more information.


From @RexChapman

We’ve now watched the Republicans vote 8 times over the past few days and none of them have complained about voter fraud. This is progress.



15 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. They’re comin’. We’ve got to be ready to push back against the MAGAs trying to undo our constitution and destroy all the things that make Montana Montana. It’s still worth fighting for the things we love.

  2. Agreed, except that I would include the western word. Jackie does an excellent job of keeping us informed, especially on local and statewide issues. There’s plenty of crazy to go around. Enough for everybody! And those with Jackie’s experience can put it all into perspective. Jackie has been there, on the inside, which most of us haven’t been. His analysis is invaluable.

    • The story you linked says, “Regier said the language in the resolution was written by Mark Agather, a retired businessman who is involved in conservative politics in Kalispell near the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana.”

      Do a simple Google search on that name plus CSKT plus water and you will find quite a history for Mr. Agather, among other things adamantly opposing the CSKT water compact, and proposing the elimination of Indian reservations going all the way back to 2012.

      Unrelated to CSKT there’s also quite a long string of other VERY extreme rightist positions in print from him, including one letter to the Interlake editor excoriating the Libertarian party for being aligned with progressive Democrats (!) Now that’s an extreme right worldview. This is the constituency Regier chooses to represent. As if we needed any reminder.

  3. In the next month or so Senator Jon Tester will probably make one of the most important decisions of his life. He will be 67 this year and could just pull on the old Carhartt jacket and say he is done with the DC nonsense and return to the farm. But I for one so hope for the good of Montana he decides to stay the course and throw in his hat for a fourth term in the U.S. Senate. My god can you imagine Matt Rosedale as our next Montana senator. Sure he got his 15 minutes or so of fame this week on all news and cable networks. He has made it clear he is running for senate as the far far right GOP stake holder. Will Matt say No No to any federal money that comes to Montana , I’m sure that would a big hit with drought struggling farmers and ranchers. But I don’t know anymore if the ever more redness of Montana may actually put this fool in a U.S. Senate seat. It will undoubtedly be the most expensive and ugliest campaign ever here. The Montana Democratic Party needs to do something different if they want to keep this seat. Tester will be on his own,Biden is so hated here can’t come. I suppose Trump will show up. I have to agree with Jackie here,are these Rosedale voters just plain dumb.

  4. The things Matt is asking for, like every member including the opposition being allowed to offer endless amendments on the floor, are exactly the same things The Squad was pestering Nancy about the last two times she was up for election. Matt Rosedale is now officially a Fellow Running Dog Lackey of The Squad.

    Will be interesting to see if a new Republican speaker can be anywhere near as effective and successful as Nancy if Matt and crue get their way.

    • But, they are not two sides of the same coin. Quite the contrary. What the “freedom caucus” actually wants is far different than what the squad wants. Completely different goals. And I honestly believe that if the people in Rosie’s district weren’t so damn ignorant (not stupid but ignorant of what’s happening) they never would have selected to send Matt back to his Maryland home to represent us. Pretty good gig if you can get it. Get elected and work from home right across the river.

      Every freedom caucus has the same goals, and they have nothing to do with freedom, abortion, the border, gun rights, patriotism, trans kids, LBGT, or even Jesus and a supposed Christian nation. It’s important to keep educating people over and over again until they understand. That’s one reason the the freedom caucus wants to destroy public Ed. Real education teaches real history. The ONLY interests the freedom caucus is concerned with are those of the billionaires. And that is reflected in everything they do. And that is the exact same reason that Slaughter wants to enter our classrooms with a curriculum designed by Hillsdale college. Their whole shtick is that America can do no wrong, never has and never will. So why study supposed bad things from history? ‘Sides, the slaves had it pretty doggoned good here compared to Africa. And they were happy! And their owners kind and benevolent.

      • CNN is noting “Rosendale has positioned himself to the right of any potential primary foe if he decides to run in the 2024 Senate primary.”

        So maybe his allegedly principled stand here is nothing more than a continuation of his past two+ years of extremist right showboating designed to appeal to the most radical wing of the Montana electorate in anticipation of the 2024 election for Senate. Not about actually getting anything done for the people of Montana at all, not even caring about the House since he has his eye set on the Senate, but simply Matt Matt Matt. It all makes sense.

      • I also heard that on CNN. I’m sure that Tester would love another challenge from Rosendale.

  5. Matt Rosendale; is more intelligent than I thought. However, he is blinded by bias. He did mention regular order. I agree with that. It seems he wants the house to be a debating society. That is what it has been the last few days. Please do not vote for people like him. A Montana representative speaking about his prowess in Maryland. D.N.V.F.T.P.

    • Ain’t every day that a congressman from Montana gets his ass whipped by an 84 yr old Black woman. Rosie, who fancies himself a fiery orator, flamed out big time, unable to defend himself from a real woman warrior without the aid of his entire Taliban 19. I suspect Rosie will use a good deal more caution next time when looking for soft targets to insult. He’s lucky Maxine climb his scrawny frame and tap dance on that ridiculous crew cut!

    • Rosendale is “smart” like his hero Trump. Plays a phony “aw shucks” rancher from Eastern Montana, hiding his Maryland millionaire real estate developer past. Amazing how the rubes here eat that stuff up.
      I think he has some slick handlers that told him about regular order. He fancies himself as the white knight who will save the GOP from McCarthy. What a sorry exhibition.

  6. Hi Jackie,

    Glad you are back and on th blog job.
    Couldn’t agree with you more on Rosendale. He is just stupid in contrast to Zinke’s overt greed. What a disgrace. Things haven’t been this bad for Montana since William A. Clark forced a popular vote by his shenanigans.
    Seems like our only hope with the new Montana Freedom Caucus is that they disintigrate into challenging each other’s commitment to the craziness. Might be the only time firearms are acceptable in the Capitol.
    I hope we survive the 90 days they are in session.

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