The Wednesday Read

The year is winding down, but I am still monitoring the news and the internet for interesting stories. Here are a few that caught my attention recently:

  • Lt. Governor Kristen Juras
  • Redistricting
  • Montana Millionaire
  • Dave Barry


I saw an article in the Daily Montanan that reported the following:

The Montana Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices alleging that Lt. Gov. Kristen Juras accepted a gift from the Montana Family Foundation by living rent-free in a house in the shadow of the state Capitol.

That sounds like the scandal of the decade. Just kidding. I would be very surprised if this amounts to anything, but we’ll see.

Speaking of rent-free, the Republicans seem to be living rent-free in the heads of the Montana Democrats lately.

Check out the full article from the Daily Montanan HERE.


Maybe it’s just me, but I am tired of the back and forth on social media and in the news about redistricting in Montana. I know there is a process, but just get it done already!

The last I heard is that the commission has sent a proposal to the clowns in the legislature to review. With all these clowns looking it over, I’m sure we’ll have some “great” ideas to make it fair for their respective parties.

Currently, I live in HD 23 and SD 12. When the redistricting is complete, I imagine I will still be represented by MAGA nutjobs.

The Daily Montanan has an article about redistricting that you can view HERE.


I did not win any prizes in the annual Montana Millionaire lottery game. One of the millionaire tickets was sold in Great Falls, and the other one was sold in Butte.

I’ve played the Montana Millionaire game every year since it started. Sometimes I purchased two tickets. I have won nothing – not even an instant winner prize, of which there are many. That seems odd.

Check out the Montana Lottery website HERE.


One of my favorite writers, Dave Barry, reviews 2022 as only he can do! Here are some of my favorite parts:

  • Millions of Americans on social media realized — it took them a while, but they finally got there — that nobody wants to know how they did on “Wordle.”
  • In sports, Georgia defeats Alabama in the AT&T Ram Trucks Allstate Capital One Disney Bob’s Burgers Dr. Pepper Gatorade Siri Taco Bell Bowl to become champions of professional college football.
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings on Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson. She is clearly qualified, so this is an excellent opportunity for Republican senators — who believe the Democrats behaved like scum in hearings for equally qualified Republican nominees — to show that they have more decency and class. But of course this is impossible under our current political system, under which the primary function of government is to gain revenge. So the Republicans get even by behaving scummily toward Jackson, thus reinforcing the growing public perception that both sides are scum.
  • In financial news, Elon Musk announces that he no longer wants to purchase Twitter and will instead use the $44 billion to buy two Springsteen tickets.
  • In response to yet another viral TikTok “challenge” video, the Food and Drug Administration issues an urgent bulletin stating that people who eat chicken that has been marinated in NyQuil “probably deserve to die.”
  • In other financial news, Elon Musk announces that he has decided to buy Twitter after all, because the only Springsteen tickets he could get for $44 billion were “way up in the balcony.”
  • As the month draws to a close and the nation prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, President Biden, in a beloved lighthearted White House tradition, pardons lucky turkeys named “Chocolate,” “Chip” and — this was a surprise last-minute addition — “Hunter.”

Check out the full review HERE.



12 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Damn scary. I’m afraid MAGA values are now Montana values. Hard to say if we’ll survive. It’s gonna be ugly. Only divine intervention can save us now.

    “ The number of requests does show some of the topics lawmakers may be focused on during the upcoming session. For example, of the bill draft requests so far:

    28 deal with abortion
    49 deal with guns and weapons
    52 deal with marijuana
    81 deal with housing
    147 deal with fish and wildlife
    269 deal with education
    269 deal with elections
    342 deal with taxes
    Also, at least 48 proposals for amending the Montana Constitution have been submitted.”

    • He’s non-partisan just like the position requires. He told us so all throughout his failed Supreme Court bid.

      And we all know a politician’s words speak far louder than a lifetime of documented actions.

      Not sure the monetary potential of COPP is nearly as much as staying on as PS Commission chair though.

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