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Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make. – Unknown

In today’s column, I look at these people/issues:

  • LR-131
  • The Zinke Ad
  • Jon Tester


The Bozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial Board says Montanans should vote no on LR-131. They called it, “A cruel, destructive ballot measure.”

They are talking about the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.”

I agree 100%. I am voting no.

Over 700 Montana healthcare professionals are urging Montanans to vote NO on LR-131. You can read why they are against this referendum HERE.

I trust what the healthcare professionals say about LR-131 more than I believe a bunch of old white guys who voted to make it harder for women to make their own healthcare decisions.

You can read the complete editorial from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle HERE.


MTN News ran a story on the local newscast about a campaign commercial from Republican candidate Ryan Zinke in which he attacked Democrat Monica Tranel for serving as an attorney for a man convicted of sexual abuse. MTN says that several women have reached out to them, saying to have that issue resurface has been painful for them.

Was this commercial a “Hail Mary” from Zinke because the race is close?

One of the women, Danielle Moore, was very compelling in the interview saying:

“Politicians really need to think about how their words impact the people that elect them,” she said. “We’re the people; they work for us. That is how it’s supposed to be.”

I have not been able to find the ad. Zinke’s campaign issued a lengthy statement about the ad saying it had not aired for several days.

It’s sad, but there isn’t a lot of refereeing when it comes to political ads except for who paid for the ad, etc.

Zinke now probably wishes a third party had done the ad, then he could say that he had no idea about it – and the ad would probably still be running.

As for Tranel, she said:

“Ryan Zinke’s decision to air an ad based on lies, forcing victims and their families to relive this trauma, highlights the worst of our politics. My heart goes out to everyone involved.”

I’ve always thought the attack on Tranel for representing the man convicted of sexual abuse was a stretch. Everybody gets a lawyer. The “travesty” has been helped along by Zinke supporters.

What other surprises will we see in the next few weeks?

Read the MTN story HERE.


U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is making the rounds meeting with constituents and holding town hall meetings. He’s also meeting with the press.

The Helena Independent Record published a story about Tester’s visit to Helena during which it was reported that his biggest concern for the future is whether democracy can survive the current divisive political climate that has permeated the country.

I’m worried about that, too. There are too many MAGA nutjobs running around the country.

It was also reported that Tester will decide on running for a fourth term after January 1.

There really isn’t anyone on the Democratic bench that can win like Tester. He’s beaten Conrad Burns, Denny Rehberg, and Matt Rosendale. He also basically beat Donald Trump because Trump and his family traveled to Montana several times to try and defeat him. They failed.

I’ve thought that maybe current Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, who files lawsuit after lawsuit against the Biden Administration, will be the next victim to lose to Tester. Or how about Ryan Zinke?

One interesting thing is that Tester could, if he wanted to stop the MAGA crowd from running wild in Montana, run for Governor. He could beat Gianforte.

That would be fun to watch.

Read the Helena IR story HERE.

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  1. Zinke states, I approve this message. Surprised you could not locate it. A perfect example of why not to vote for this guy. Come on people, he has way too much support. We can do better. I am too liberal for Tester but I like the way he does his job. Tester has my vote.

  2. OT for today but timely nonetheless …

    If like me you are conflicted about having no choice vs Commissioner Briggs in the upcoming Cascade County district 1 race, a new write-in candidate has suddenly bounded onto the scene. Sign spotted in the farms and fields east of Ulm and Cascade.

  3. We need more ladies like this in Montana. I cringe every time I listen to our redneck male MAGA fundamentalists debating abortion in our legislature. I would love to see one of them compare this woman king to preg tested cow. That would be fun to watch!

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