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Don’t go through life, grow through life. – Eric Butterworth

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Armed Guards in Public Schools
  • State-Issued Birth Certificates
  • Reading Assignments


Several sources, including MTN News, are reporting that Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter has outlined his plan for armed guards at public schools. His plan involves hiring and training armed “special service officers” to be placed in schools. These officers would be paid a stipend of $80 to $100 per day, according to MTN News.

Cascade County is putting a public safety levy on the ballot in November. According to MTN news, the annual increase for Cascade County residents would be about $18.90 for every $100,000 in taxable value.

I will be voting against any public safety levy from the county, or the city of Great Falls if city officials decide to try and stick it to us.

One of the quotes from Slaughter was interesting. He said, “We need a person who is practical, safe, and can deliver a use of force per the law and per the Constitution effectively to protect our children.”

If you listen to Slaughter speak much, he inserts the word “constitution” into many of his responses.

Finally, it makes me wonder if Slaughter’s plan is a gimmick to get people to vote for the public safety levy. Between now and November, we will hear more and more whining from local officials about the need for more money to address this issue or that issue. They will use any incident to promote their request for more of our hard-earned dollars.

It appears Slaughter will be the main cheerleader for the public safety levy.

You can read the MTN News report HERE.


The state of Montana has made national news again for its backward thinking…

CNN is reporting that health officials in Montana adopted a proposed rule change Friday pertaining to changing the identification of sex on state-issued birth certificates, which now excludes changes following gender confirmation surgeries. The rule change by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, which went into effect Saturday, now makes it virtually impossible for transgender persons to change the sex listed on their birth certificates by now only allowing changes under very limited circumstances.

I do not understand why this issue matters so much to Montana Governor Greg Gianforte and his Administration. It does not matter to me what any of my friends or family have listed as their gender on their birth certificates.

I think it is nothing but hatred from Gianforte toward those who are different.

Read the report from CNN HERE.


Here are some articles that I think you should read…

WTF406.comFacts No Match for Fear in County Commission Race
If you live in Cascade County you should read this blog post about the County Commissioner race.

APVisa, Mastercard, AmEx to start categorizing gun shop sales
This should be common sense…


6 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. All schools should be gun-free areas. Secure the outside. Secure the entrances. Keep the police out of our schools.

  2. The article about County Commission candidate Grulkowski was very enlightening. I had either forgotten or was unaware of her many full on QAnon conspiracy theory type beliefs. She pretty much ticks off the entire QAnon hit list, but BLM responsible for 1/6 attack on Capitol is a special touch.

    Interestingly enough, prior to the primary, there were even some Cascade County Republican operatives warning friends not to vote for her. Not enough, apparently.

    The Electric reported that a couple neighbood councils have her scheduled to speak with them at meetings this week, so if you know anyone living in the Fox Farm atea or the west side, maybe encourage them to attend the meetings and ask her about her views on a few of these things.

  3. As the state turns more red all the time, I would like to suggest the following article for a reading assignment also. And a damn scary one. These folks all consider themselves to be constitutionalists also. Guess constitutionalist means folks from outta state with guns who don’t like any laws or anyone telling them what to do. I can envision some really interesting property boundary disputes being settled by shootin’ irons. A great natural way to limit their numbers. In fact, it’s already happening. I know a number of people who moved to the country only to find their neighbor was a wack job who enjoyed harassing them with endless gunfire. They eventually have to move.

  4. If Slaughter already has enough unallocated money jingling around his budget to unilaterally implement armed guard programs and the like with no prior public discussion about how the public’s money is spent, he sure doesn’t need any additional money from a public saftey levy. Obviously he already has more than enough.

    And guards on a “stipend” of $80-$100 per day … that’s a lower hourly wage than our fast food restaurants. Bound to attract all the best people.

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