Tuesday’s Quick Hits

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Some humans are really bad at being human. – Scott Mescudi

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Western Congressional District Debate
  • The Mar-a-Lago Raid


I guess there was a debate Monday among the three candidates for the new western congressional district. Those candidates are Republican Ryan Zinke, Democrat Monica Tranel, and Libertarian John Lamb.

I’ve read a couple reports about the debate, and the most interesting thing I read was that Lamb is the father of 12.

The Montana Free Press (MTFP) is reporting that Tranel has invited the two other candidates to a total of 18 debates leading up to November’s general election.

That’s kind of crazy and smells of desperation. I think it is an uphill climb for Tranel to beat Zinke, so she might as well swing for the fences.

Check out the reports from the MTFP HERE, the Missoula Current HERE, and one from the Helena IR HERE.


The Associated Press (AP) and several other sources are reporting that former President Donald Trump said in a lengthy statement Monday that the FBI was conducting a search of his Mar-a-Lago estate and asserted that agents had broken open a safe. A person familiar with the matter said the action was related to a probe of whether Trump had taken classified records from his White House tenure to his Florida residence.

Trump reportedly said the raid was “not necessary or appropriate” although I think it is darned funny.

This restores some of my lost faith in America – even a former President can have his home raided just like people do on “Law and Order.”

Read the complete story from the AP HERE.

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12 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. This just in:

    “F.B.I. agents swarming over Donald J. Trump’s Florida estate reported that they have so far been unable to locate the health-care plan that he had promised to deliver while President.

    As of late Monday night, a Bureau spokesman indicated that the agents had also been unable to find a prescription-drug plan, an infrastructure plan, or the framework for a peace treaty with North Korea.”


  2. I’ve been waiting for an announcement from Andy Borowitz that they’ve finally decided what to do about a Trump Presidential Library – they’re going to build it at Guantanamo and have major displays of tax returns and classified intelligence documents. Of course, there’ll be a sizable entrance fee, with all…….well, some…….. proceeds going to Trump’s legal defense fund.

  3. Joe Biden can’t get a break. He got part of his agenda passed finally and the Dems were hoping to celebrate this achievement this week. Instead again Donald Trump is hogging the media. The old saying “There is no such thing as bad publicity” certainly rings true for Trump. The search warrant on his Florida home already has rallied all the wacko Mega crowd, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Trump PAC (,his own wallet most likely) and stiffened the spineless GOP to investigate the deep state FBI for actually doing their job. I’m breathlessly waiting for Daines press release how these low down anti conservative Trump haters (FBI) could harass the greatest president ever Donald Trump. It’s probably all those Iraq veterans who became FBI agents,upset Daines firstly denied them healthcare over a little smoke in air.
    I was certainly glad to hear Kevin McCarthy is going to get to bottom of this with two years of pointless U.S. House investigations led by firebrand Jim Jordan. Yes all the GOP that did the right thing days after January 6 blaming Trump for that insurrection quickly came to their senses realizing it actually was fake Trump supporters at fault. Yes the law is definitely on a mission to take down greatest president ever, Donald Trump for few white careless lies,seems so unfair. Please think about helping out all those FBI harassed mega folks,like Donald Trump with your donation. You know they are the party of “law and order and lock her up”.

  4. I can’t find the article but Jim Jordan said something to the effect that if this could happen to Trump then think of what they could do to the rest of us. Most of the comments he got were schooling him about what equal justice under the law means. One person called him Gym.

    • Think of what they DO to “the rest of us” writ large, all the time. There’s multiple real-life TV cop dramas that show it happening, all the time. Of course, those shows feature mostly takedowns of garden variety criminals, primarily minorities, while this was a rich powerful white Republican who had just spent four years setting an example that the mere laws of mortals did not apply to rich powerful white people like him. No wonder rich powerful white people like him are so upset.

  5. The usual suspects on the right seem to be all up in arms about the Mar-a-lago raid today, including calls to defund the FBI. Those Republicans, all about law and order and backing the blue … until they aren’t.

  6. Omg. Love it. Poor Zinke looked like a whipped pup with those sad eyes after getting the mic yanked from his hand. Zinke likes to think he’s a big bad macho Montanan who follows the code of the west. He forgot one little detail, that in the west if you call a man (or woman) a liar to their face, they’re just might be an instant consequence. And Tranel wasn’t about to suffer a fool lightly. She went instantly Shane on his SEAL butt. And even with all his SEAL training, he had no defensive maneuver. He got owned. Hope he learned a lesson from it. The unwritten code of Montana. We’re tired of liars with checkered pasts!

  7. I doubt if after all this time they will find any classified documents. Probably pictures of himself, porn and a box of legos.

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