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Hello August – You’re looking hot!

Quote for the day…

Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. ― George Bernard Shaw

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Cascade County Public Safety Levy
  • Great Falls Homeless Issue
  • The Daines Fist Bump


According to The Electric, the Cascade County Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt a resolution of intent during a July 29 meeting to send a public safety levy to the November ballot. The Electric also reports that starts a public comment period on the proposed $3.52 million levy and a public hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 19.

I suspect it’s already a done deal.

Since they voted “unanimously” to raise our taxes, I think their names should be disclosed. The three commissioners are:

  • Joe Briggs
  • James L. Larson
  • Don Ryan

By the way, Briggs and Ryan are both on the ballot in November. Ryan is a Democrat and Briggs is a Republican. Larson is also a Republican.

It’s funny how Republicans used to be against tax increases and now seem to champion them.

Like I said Friday when I learned about this scheme, I say, “Hell no” to their tax increase. We hear the Republicans talk about inflation, food prices, and gas prices, but they want to stick it to the man by taxing us even more. That’s on top of what the city of Great Falls approved a few weeks ago. The city of Great Falls might also try to shove a public safety levy down our throats.

I urge my readers to vote NO and while you are at it, vote for the opponent of Ryan and Briggs. If they don’t have an opponent, leave it blank.

Read the complete report from The Electric HERE.


The homeless encampment at the First United Methodist Church in Great Falls is supposedly set to be disbanded today (August 1).

Here we had a church trying to do what a church should do and the haters in Great Falls came out in force against them. The haters included some elected officials, city employees, and business owners. The haters’ actions did damage to Great Falls that will be felt for years.

The City of Great Falls even filed a lawsuit against the church. Incredible.

The city leaders lacked character in dealing with this issue. They showed that since these people could do nothing for them, they don’t care.

Over the weekend I read a piece from the Daily Montanan that was titled, “Where will they go? Housing encampment in Great Falls being evicted Monday.” Reporter Nicole Girten did a great job in explaining the situation saying that the eviction notice means at least 35 people will again be looking for shelter.

The haters in Great Falls hope they are out of sight, but the truth is these folks will just go other places in the city. They will spread out.

The fact is the damage is done. There’s a black mark on the city now. The City of Great Falls and the haters failed the basic test of loving our neighbors.

Shame on Great Falls.

Read the Daily Montanan article HERE.


Just about the only people defending Steve Daines for voting against veterans last week and then fist-bumping fellow senator Ted Cruz are right-wing talk show hosts who must side with Republicans or not have a job. There are a few people who work for Daines or have worked for Daines who are trying to help him stop digging.

It was a shithead move by Daines and the Republicans, It’s one he may never live down. So far, he and his team have failed miserably in explaining the dumb move. He even looked like a geek doing the fist bump.

If you type “Steve Daines fist bump” into Google, you’ll find about a thousand hits.

Daines will be up for reelection in 2026. I suspect the “fist bump” will be a big part of the campaign. Let’s make sure it is not forgotten.

Do some research yourself and see how Daines and Cruz are now the enemies of veterans across the fruited plains.



6 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. With both the County and City crying poor and needing/wanting to raise taxes to fund things like giving Sherriff Slaughter the 31.5% pay increase his deputies requested and fund another SRO to politically indoctrinate the county’s school kids, along with most GF residents’ antipathy to tax increases (see KRTV online poll), it’s no wonder there is no money to do anything for the homeless. Lola Sheldon-Galloway neatly summarized our local elected officials’ approach to homelessness in the Montanan story: “I would just assume that showers are going to be provided somewhere else for these people.”

    That encampment was still looking pretty vital yesterday morning. We shall see today when I drive by. Will the church itself be the one to call in the riot police to enforce that eviction notice?

    • Encampment looks to be clearing out. The good “Christians” of Great Falls like Sheldon-Galloway and Commissioner Rick can commence their gleeful cackling celebration.

      • Terry – Thanks for the update. This is a sad day for the homeless.
        Thanks, JmB

      • Well, you know how it is. City Code is absolute and rock solid. Must be observed with every i dotted and t crossed. Unless of course some bar/casino owner wants to set up shop less than 600 feet away from a park or playground. Then the code suddenly becomes very flexible.

  2. From the electric budget article:

    “ Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said that they’ve done what they can to be creative with existing funds and grants.
    He said they’re losing deputies to other departments after the county invests in their training.
    If the levy passes, he said they’d add one deputy as a school resource officer who would work on patrol during the summer.
    He said the sheriff’s office is down eight deputies currently.
    It’s hard to hire, he said, since their salaries aren’t competitive.”

    Well, that didn’t take long. Slaughter has run the department into the ground. Salaries aren’t the problem. They are very competitive with other departments. No, Jesse, it’s hard to hire when you have to work for a constitutionalist sheriff, one of the nuttiest and most seditious organizations in law enforcement. Great job, Jesse. Btw, how many jail staff have quit on your watch? Instead of sending deputies into the schools to indoctrinate the children in your bizarre beliefs, they may have to start doing double duty as jailers.

    I suggest that folks vote no until we get real sheriff, not some Richard Mack wannabe on an ideological mission from trump. Barney Fife would be an improvement. At least he was never a constitutionalist.

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