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Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. – Pras Michel

In today’s column, I look at these people/issues:

  • Great Falls Homeless Issue
  • Their Needs
  • The Western Word Poll


Tuesday afternoon I was watching the city of Great Falls Planning Advisory Board/Zoning Commission hearing on my phone. They were discussing the First United Methodist Church “Emergency Shelter” Conditional Use Permit.

I was listening to the proponents of allowing the permit when the stream cut to the city commission work session. I could not find the stream again, although I did get a close look at one city commissioner who is going bald. That freaked me out.

I heard from a source the vote from the Planning Advisory Board/Zoning Commission turned out 5-0 against the permit. It now goes to the city commission in July. Don’t kid yourself, that vote is already predetermined – they will follow the board like sheep.

I hope the church takes Great Falls for every last dollar in the lawsuit.

If people wanted a casino on that parking lot, the commissioners would be wetting themselves to approve it.

I took two pages of notes during the part of the hearing that the city allowed me to watch.

Here are my personal comments via bullet statements.

  • God bless Pastor Jeff Wakeley of the First United Methodist Church. He gave a wonderful presentation. His church will continue to help those less fortunate no matter what the city decides.
  • I did not know that Great Falls has so many mental health and substance abuse experts. Here’s a hint- we don’t. Many think they are experts. Many are dumbasses.
  • I won’t be frequenting the local Perkins or Dairy Queen businesses in Great Falls. The owners seem to have a lot of hatred in their hearts. Eff your pies and banana splits.
  • Many people presented “Hearsay” statements because they could lie and not be held accountable.
  • Craig Raymond, who is the director of Planning and Community Development, should be run out of town. He is not qualified to be in any position of authority in Great Falls. Please take Greg Doyan with you.
  • One person said we should send the homeless people to Las Vegas because the weather was better there. This person gets the “Dumbass of the day” award.
  • Many just want the homeless to be placed somewhere out of sight.
  • After one hour and ten minutes into the hearing, the chair explained the rules. This is typical for Great Falls local government.
  • The best comments of the whole afternoon were from a person who lives in the camp.
  • I cannot believe the Vineyard Church pastor is a pastor. Please leave Great Falls and learn compassion.
  • “God helps those who help themselves” is not in the Bible although someone who was against helping the homeless thinks it is.
  • One final thought is there are a bunch of cruel bastards in Great Falls. Your hatred will hurt the city.


I thought this headline from the Great Falls Tribune was interesting:

City, and county officials meet with legislators to talk about their needs

First, one of the city commissioners needs a brain. So does a county commissioner. The whole city needs a little compassion.

Read the Tribune report HERE.


This week’s poll question asks, “Should ZooMontana host the Drag Queen Story Hour?” (Background HERE & HERE)

The results will be posted later this week.



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  1. The City’s tangle of zoning and permitting red tape has successfully stifled growth for the past 50 years. Now our innovative City leaders are using it to address social problems, in this case homelessness. When you’ve got a proven tool like that in your belt, just keep on hammering.

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