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A moment of silence for all the children who died for America’s right to carry guns. -Anonymous

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Election Day
  • Campaign Fliers
  • Reading Assignments


This week’s poll question asks, “Do you think Congress will pass any gun control legislation this year?” (Background)

Thanks for participating.


The primary election day in Montana is tomorrow (June 7), so please don’t forget to vote!

Then the fun starts!


The primary campaign season in Montana has been busy for the postal service. As of Saturday, I have received 28 pieces of campaign literature from the candidates and their supporters.

I’ve received information from the Democrats, Republicans, non-partisans, and Political Action Committees.

Just imagine if we spent that much money on feeding people and housing the homeless.


Here are some articles you should read…

Helena IRGOP state House candidate in Boulder charged with voter fraud
Say it ain’t so…

Bozeman Daily ChronicleEditorial: Partisanship in a nonpartisan race
I agree 100%…

Helena IRAbout 200 gather at Capitol rally for gun law reform
Good for them…

CNNThe evangelical church faces a ‘state of emergency’ over the pandemic and politics, Andy Stanley says
Stanley is one of the good guys in the evangelical church…



10 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

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  2. Good Morning Jackie,
    I think your poll results are going to be skewed by the lack of a modifier. In my view, based on years of observation of the body politic, there will be some gun control legislation passed in the near future. However, the need I see for a modifier is to require the legislation to be meaningful. The shootings in Uvalde are so horrible that even the McConnel led Republicans know they need cover. This will result in some bland legislation that doesn’t come near addressing the problem we face with guns. Then it will be touted in campaigns and watered down in process and potentially be perverted as the restrictions on handguns fueled the production and sale of “long guns” that gave us the AR-15 “style” of weapon which cause so much physical damage and can be used so rapidly so as to cause mass casualties.
    This of course brings us to the question as to why AG Knudsen is leading a lawsuit to preserve the use of “bump stocks” on AR-15 “style” weapons. There is no great support for this amongst the majority of Montanans and no amounnt of gophers, racoons, feral hogs or other nuisance animals requires near automatic fire to control them.
    The only purpose for the AR-15 “style” gun is to demonstrate the ability to inflict massive amounts of death and injury essentially at will and therefore it is the ultimate form of intimidation for the self-styled gangs posturing as patriots. By way of this intimidation they become the “tyrants” their delusions have created.

    • OLD – I actually thought about adding “meaningful” to the question, but thought “meaningful” to some might have a different meaning for others. So I stuck with “any.”
      With all the mass shootings lately one would think they would do something.
      Thanks, JmB

  3. ie. Gun reform
    As a constitutionalist sheriff, I know it’s Jesse’s sworn duty to keep as many ARs as possible in private hands so that when the time comes, he and his followers can take on the federal government. He can legally deputize as many of these folks he wants to. Now that should prove interesting.

    But for a more reasonable approach to ARs, I like this lawman better.

    I, personally, have never understood this AR fetish, nor even gun worship in general. Most of the people in this country live in congested areas where shooting a gun is impossible. Even here in Montana it’s getting harder to find places to shoot. It ain’t like it used to be. I collect old guns for their history. I rarely shoot them. But they are a part of history and fun to study. Nothing to study about about AR. It didn’t kill off the Buffalo, it didn’t settle the west, and it didn’t help in our fight against the British. Lewis and Clark killed thirty-three grizzlies on their way to the coast, all with .50 cal black powder. Now that’s history worth reading about. Can you even imagine?

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