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Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones. – John Lennon

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Uvalde Texas
  • Great Falls Democrat Activist
  • Hit and Run
  • Reading Assignments


The NBA Finals are set – It’s the Boston Celtics versus the Golden State Warriors. This week’s poll question asks, “Who will win the 2021-22 NBA Championship?”

The results will be posted later this week.


As more information is released, it is becoming clearer that Uvalde School District Police Chief Pedro Arredondo failed to lead.

Reports say that federal authorities took over the situation and terminated the threat. As a former security forces member and law enforcement member in the USAF, we are trained to run to the danger and terminate it.

I wonder if the same situation happened in Cascade County Montana if Sheriff Jesse Slaughter would allow federal authorities to take control of the scene? He thinks he is the supreme law of the county.

I hope everyone reads the following article from the Associated Press that shows the Texas elementary school shooting, minute by minute.

Click HERE to read.


The conservative E-City Beat blog did another drive-by hit piece on a democrat (Jasmine Taylor) in Cascade County for her views about the police.

I posted the same meme on The Western Word Facebook page.

In keeping with their cowardly posts, they said the “ECB Staff” posted the article instead of who authored the article.

Here at The Western Word, my name appears on all the posts.

I am not a chickenshit.


Sometime between Friday and Monday morning, my daughter’s vehicle was hit while parked outside my residence. We called the Great Falls Falls Police Department and they responded quickly and took all the information and photos.

Later in the day, a vehicle appeared at the residence across the street. The vehicle had damage to its rear bumper area. I decided to take photos and then asked the driver if he hit my daughter’s vehicle. He decided to get ugly and call me an “old man” and even said he would “kill me” if I kept messing with him. I took plenty of photos but failed to get the part about killing me on video.

So, if I die in the next few days, remember this post!


Here are some articles you should really read…

Casper Tribune Trump tells Wyoming to ‘fire’ Cheney
I think Cheney will survive and stick it to Trump…

Helena IRZinke extends lead, Tranel outraises Neumann in latest report
Zinke and Rosendale are the clear leaders in the race for Montana members of the U.S. House…

Helena IR Arntzen cited for illegally passing school bus
With the red lipstick and glasses, doesn’t she look like the Joker?

WaPoWhat ‘arms’ looked like when the 2nd Amendment was written
The musket would fire three rounds per minute and the AR-15 can fire 60 rounds…



8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

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  2. Immediately after the shooting Slaughter ran an ad with him standing in front of a school touting the work he has done protecting it. Replaced the ad he was banging away at something with his hat and gun. That was quick.

    • From a couple of hundred miles away, it sure seems like Cascade County voters need to rein in Sheriff Slaughter until he can be voted out. Based on his past statements, behavior and the reports of his ads it seems that he has been firmly in the “arm the teachers”, “fortress schools” mindset for “protecting” children at school. What is he claiming to have done to “protect” schools in Cascade County? One can easily imagine that he might end up as a “frozen” incident commander as they had in Uvalde.
      Since all this arming up with these style of weapons, there have been zero Tyrants overthrown and hundreds of innocent lives lost. This fantasy thinking has to end and it should start with getting the likes of Sheriff Slaughter.

      • He may win re-election, but his MAGA leanings may be his undoing. Thanks, JmB

    • It’s sad time in America. I hope we get fed up soon. Thanks, JmB

  3. The ECB has had a perverse fascination with Ms. Taylor for a long long time, usually exhibiting a not so veiled intolerance for LGBTQ persons. Not their first driveby.

    The point about the unsigned article is well taken. The same “ECB Staff” entity used to insist that all commenters use their real first and last name then delete comments and ban users if that rule wasn’t followed. Totally oblivious to the hypocrisy.

    Also on the “extremist right wing blogs with an intolerance for the LGBTQ community” beat, pastor Jordan Hall and the Montana Daily Gazette. The Trib reports that pastor Hall, Slaughter’s buddy, admitted he fabricated the story about Adrian Jawort and penned an apology and retraction. Fabricate is the Trib’s word. What Hall really admitted was that the story was “false” which leaves the door open for “not really my fault I was given bad info”. The action is part of settling the libel case.


    • I like freedom of speech. I will defend it even if I don’t agree with it. The blog is a little MAGA place. Like Trump, it’s not as pertinent as it once was. Thanks, JmB

  4. Since our current “constitutionalist sheriff” has already expressed numerous times his antipathy towards any help originating from the federal government, we can easily envision a similar situation like Uvalde happening here in which the feds may be much more prepared to deal with it, only to have Jesse refuse any help due to his innate, consummate distrust of the federal government. And lest we forget, that hostility towards our federal government is what motivated him to give a medal to “pastor” Jordan Hall who commemorates and celebrates the Jan. 6 insurrection on our nation’s capital. Treason impresses other MAGAs but is of little use when the fecal matter actually hits the rotating cool device! Jesse needs a place where his views won’t do much harm. I’m thinkin’ he would make a great constitutionalist dog catcher.


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