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Public Service Announcement: You can still be nice to people who have different political views than you! What a concept!

CME is the once-a-week column that is posted every Friday morning. This is when I look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week.

Here are some of the things that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Ukraine
  • Ballard Ends Campaign
  • Last Call – Forgiving February


To be quite honest I am sick and tired of the blame/political games that go on when there’s an event, like Russia invading Ukraine.

Why can’t we in times of turmoil be “Team USA” and circle the wagons and be a team? Has politics poisoned our country so much that we can’t come together and support those in charge even if we did not vote for them?

First, I heard former President Donald Trump say the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine was because the election was stolen from him. He then went on to say that President Biden was weak. He called the actions of Putin “genius” and “savvy.” (Source)

Those remarks turned my stomach. Talk about a sore loser – I lack the words to describe the feelings I have toward Trump. Treason comes to mind.

Then we have U.S. Senator Ted Cruz echoing the same words saying Biden is weak and he caused the invasion due to ‘catastrophic’ mistakes made by Biden/Harris. (Source)

My friends in Missouri (I think I still have a few) might be interested to know that Missouri’s GOP Senator Josh Hawley also slammed the Biden administration, claiming it “emboldened” Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine by holding off on sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 pipeline until this week. (Source)

Then we have Montana’s junior Senator, Steve Daines, issuing a statement that says:

I’m praying for the people of Ukraine and condemn Putin’s outrageous attack on their sovereignty and independence. Putin is a thug, and he has been empowered and emboldened by Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline while killing America’s Keystone XL pipeline. The skyrocketing price of oil and resulting inflation are stark reminders of the importance of increasing, not decreasing, made in America energy. I do not support sending American troops to Ukraine. (Source)

Daines likes to have it both ways. I’m sure the God that we pray to wants us to honor and support those in authority, like Joe Biden, instead of parroting the Republican talking points of Donald Trump. Shame on you, Steve Daines. Stop being political and be Team USA for once.

Daines was the only member of the congressional delegation who went after Biden in his remarks. That should tell Montanans a lot – Daines is more party politics than he is Team USA.

As for President Biden, he gave a speech and took some questions on Thursday. Instead of reading how others interpreted it, you can read the transcript HERE.

We need to support our President during these times of turmoil in the world. If we don’t, we show the world that we are weak.


Jack Ballard, candidate for the Second Congressional District covering eastern Montana, issued the following statement Thursday:

“Today (Thursday) I’m ending my campaign for Montana’s Second Congressional District. To be bluntly honest, we’ve failed to raise the financial resources necessary to realistically keep paying campaign staff and fund travel, advertising, materials and other basic expenses through the primary.”

I was hoping that Ballard would get some traction in eastern Montana, but he did not. Unless things change, Matt Rosendale will easily win reelection (or election) to the newly formed second congressional district.

You can read the press release from the Ballard campaign HERE.


This is the last call for “Forgiving February.”

In the past few years, friends and family on social media blocked me or unfriended me for my viewpoints about Trump, or for making corrections to the misinformation they posted, and they blocked me for my posts about Biden winning. I think one person unfriended me for suggesting his use of the “R” word was not cool.

To counter their unfriending me, I blocked them from seeing my accounts.

This month, to observe my self-proclaimed “Forgiving February,” these people are unblocked. All they need to do is send me a Friend request and it will be accepted.

Life is too short to hate on each other because of social media posts.

This offer ends on Monday, February 28 at midnight Mountain time.


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  1. Jackie – Idle curiosity……would you mind letting us know how many (if any) take advantage of your ‘Forgiving February’? It’s obviously a gesture from the heart, and I would hope it gets a strong response. Friends are hard to come by, and it’d be nice to reclaim some from distance.

  2. Excellent movie available on Hulu called Bitter Harvest about Stalin’s genocide by starvation against the Ukrainian people. Worth a watch. Very timely for now. Easy to see why the Ukrainians dislike the Russians.

  3. I never created a Facebook or Instagram account, and my Twitter has maybe twit posted, lifetime. Non-political. When I hear and read of all the drama involved with friending and unfriending and the nastiness and misinformation on social media and its misuse, I’m glad I never took that plunge. Aside from some useful business Facebook pages, social media seems mostly like vehicles to alienate friends, relatives, and perfect strangers, and get yourself all worked up by people and trolls whose opinions really mean nothing in the greater scheme of things.

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