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They say every village has an idiot; my village must be where they keep the spares. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Tester Opposes Vaccine Mandate
  • Wake-up, Elsie
  • The Western Word Poll
  • Football, Football, Football


U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) announced via press release that he opposes the vaccine mandate for large employers proposed by the Biden Administration.

Tester issued a statement saying:

“Over the past few months, I’ve repeatedly heard concerns from Montana’s small business and community leaders about the negative effect the private business vaccine mandate will have on their bottom lines and our state’s economy. That’s why I intend to join a bipartisan majority of my colleagues in defending Montana jobs and small businesses against these burdensome regulations. I strongly urge every eligible Montanan to get vaccinated as soon as possible so we can end this pandemic once and for all.”

The last sentence is a chickenshit way out, “I strongly urge every eligible Montanan to get vaccinated as soon as possible so we can end this pandemic once and for all.”

Did you lose your balls, Senator?

We could end this pandemic sooner if there were mandates in place to ensure people were vaccinated. If everyone were vaccinated who could be vaccinated and had to wear a mask indoors in public places, we could probably beat this pandemic.

Unfortunately, we have dumbasses running around Montana and the country making it a freedom and liberty issue. Tester seems to have taken the bait.

Sadly, Tester seems to let the political winds affect his decision on this issue. That’s what Steve Daines, Matt Rosendale, and Greg Gianforte do – and that’s not being a statesman.

Read Tester’s press release HERE.


“The Electric” reported that the superintendents of the Montana AA school districts, including Great Falls Public Schools, sent a letter on Dec. 6 to Elsie Arntzen, the Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction, regarding their “disappointment in your leadership has our state’s chief public education officer” and “we express no confidence in your performance as Montana’s chief public education officer.”

Welcome to the party, AA Superintendents – many of us have had no confidence in Arntzen from the beginning. In my opinion, she is the most partisan Superintendent in recent memory. She is certainly not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Luckily, Arntzen can’t run for Superintendent of Public Instruction again. That is great news for Montana.

Read the complete report from “The Electric” by clicking HERE.


With the U.S. Supreme Court recently hearing arguments about abortion, this week’s poll question asks, “Will the U.S Supreme Court overturn the 1973 U.S. ruling known as Roe v. Wade?” (Background HERE and HERE)

The results will be posted Thursday.


In case you missed it, here is the schedule for the college football playoffs this weekend:

The Montana Grizzlies play at James Madison Friday afternoon at 5:00 (Montana time). That game will be on ESPN2.

The Montana State Bobcats play at Sam Houston Saturday at 6:30 (Montana time). That game will be on ESPN+.

Click HERE for the complete FCS playoff schedule.

December 17 is a big day – the 2021-22 College Football bowl season kicks off. There are 44 bowl games, but who is counting?

Click HERE for the bowl schedule.


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  1. He threw a bone to the flat earthers in an attempt to save his senate seat, but they’re going to hate him whatever he does. Better to do the right thing than become QaJon! Can’t let the wackos dictate health care. They’re dying like flies and they still don’t care. Better red and dead than helped by the fed!

  2. I would like to remind Sen. Tester of this: Back in the 1950s, when I was in grade school, we all had to get vaccinated against polio. It was a miracle of sorts — and nobody bitched about it. I guess all of us, adults and children alike, were living under some delusion, brought about by the Eisenhower administration, that certain public health mandates would be good for the Republic.

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