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A wise man never knows all, only fools know everything. -African Proverb

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Gianforte’s Town Hall?
  • The Rosendale Newsletter
  • Reading Assignments


The 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs are set. This week’s poll question asks, “Which team will be the 2021 World Series Champion?”

Results will be posted later this week.


The Daily Montanan posted a story on Friday that caught the attention of many on Twitter and Facebook.

It seems Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) is visiting Montana’s 56 counties. It’s an old publicity stunt that gets some attention from the local papers.

Here is the story.

Sidney Herald editor Mark Berryman, who took the helm of the paper in February, told the Daily Montanan that he received an email notice from the Governor’s Office this week that Gianforte would be visiting a meatpacking plant and meeting with business owners in Sidney and then hosting a town hall on Sept. 28.

Berryman posted the “town hall” information.

The Daily Montanan says the following happened:

“On Tuesday morning a representative from Gov. Gianforte’s office called and said the schedule was for information purposes only and for security reasons asked us to remove the post,” reads a post from the paper’s Facebook account. “They were quite insistent.” Berryman said the Governor’s Office told him the town hall was not in fact open to the public, but that they’d invited specific stakeholders to discuss specific issues.

I am not surprised at this. I figured when we see Gianforte meeting with people and taking photos they must be supporters. Now we know that is probably true. It’s a shame that so many of our elected officials are chickenshits when it comes to holding real town hall meetings.

Read the complete story from The Daily Montanan HERE.


U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale published another newsletter on Saturday.

One part that caught my attention was Rosendale telling readers, “I also partnered up with Representative Biggs to introduce the Freedom from Mandates Act to block President Biden’s vaccine mandates.”

He says he is doing that because “The American people must be allowed to make their own health care decisions. It is their right.”

I guess he forgot that he does not want women making their own healthcare decisions when it comes to abortion.

The mask and vaccine mandate issue has really made Republicans look ridiculous.

Read the complete newsletter by clicking HERE.


Here are some stories that you should read…

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  2. I see in his news letter that Rosie has also proudly claimed to have spoken to a right wing sheriff’s organization that appears to be a hate group. I had never heard of them so I googled. Lots of info on them. I hope Jesse Slaughter didn’t attend. But it would be in line with his new conversion to the constitutionalist society. Scary what’s happening to sheriffs around the country.

    • I don’t mind Sherriff Slaughter referring to himself as a “constitutionalist” as long as the Constitutions he holds supreme are those of the USA and Montana that define the Supreme Courts as the highest legal authority in the nation or state. I have never heard or read him say otherwise.

      Those “constitutional sherriffs” believe the sherriff is the highest legal authority in his own county who gets to decide what laws to enforce or ignore based on his/her own prejudices, with their authority derived from the Sherriff of Nottingham back in England, or some such malarkey. Can you imagine 3006 counties in the USA, each with its own highest authority deciding legal and illegal? Or even just the 56 counties in Montana? Our Republican Legislature can hardly stand for local control as it is. At least not centrist or liberal local control.

      Either way it’s not a good look for Slaughter or Rosendale to be seen schmoozing with those types.

      • Terry, I have written extensively about Slaughter’s involvement with the constitutionalist sheriff’s movement on this blog in the past. You must have missed all that. Scroll backwards and it’s all there. But to rehash just a bit, Jesse is schmoozing with the worst of the worst, Richard Mack. Here’s just a bit, an interview he did with his hero Mack. There’s lot of info on this weirdo group if you use your google.

      • I have not missed what has been contributed about our sherriff. Just saying I have never heard or read of him taking that final constitutional sherriff step of declaring himself the ultimate legal suthority for his county.

      • Welp, maybe you can help me. I have followed the sheriff’s office for the last fifty years. Never even once can I remember a case where the sheriff attempted to overrule a judge. Never once can I remember a case where a sheriff questioned the authority of a judge. Not once can I remember him trying to interpret the law, and then quite publicly arguing with a judge, and judges. Nor can I remember a group of judges having to publicly rebuke a sheriff. Nor can I remember a sheriff advocating for the public to restrict the powers of the judiciary simply because he doesn’t agree with existing law. Maybe you do.

        I’m not sure what more proof you need that Slaughter has accepted completely the radical agenda of the extreme right wing sheriff association to which he proudly and loudly claims to be a member.

        If his close association with Richard Mack doesn’t convince you, nothing will I guess.

      • In the followup story to the one you posted Sherriff Slaughter indicated he would indeed follow judges’ orders, even if he didn’t agree with them. That incident looked bad, but he backed off like he should have.

        “I have the highest respect for the Eighth District Court judges,” Slaughter said. “I consider some of them friends and colleagues, and what happens in their court is completely their jurisdiction, and I respect that and I honor that.”

        He said he will continue to carry out their orders, but it doesn’t mean he won’t disagree with them in the future.

        “I just want to make sure that the public understood that I didn’t agree necessarily with that one decision,” Slaughter said.”

        For whatever reason the public needed to understand that.

        His association with troubling, but just because a kid is running with bad kids it doesn’t mean he is doing something wrong. Yet. I would prefer the hard proof.

      • He’s not a kid. Bad analogy. He has labeled Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations. I guarantee you that if my dad and all the other WWII vets who fought fascism in the war were they still around, they would have beat his sorry ass to a pulp! He’s an idiot. That generation were my teachers, mentors, coaches, and dads. They didn’t abide nonsense from a moron like Slaughter.

        Jesse got whipped like a pup by the judges. And he’s too stupid to know it. If you know some miners down around Columbus, ask them why Jesse had to leave town. Dude has a history.

        Could be he’s just special needs sheriff!

        “Slaughter also claimed he had been assured he would not be put in a position where deputies would have to arrest a person for mask non-compliance.

        A letter signed by judges Elizabeth Best, John Kutzman, and and John Parker sent to MTN on Friday denies any such reassurance, and says the sheriff misunderstood.

        Judges had told him they would prefer not to send otherwise law-abiding people to jail, but would take such action if necessary.

        The judges also said that Slaughter created an impression that he and his deputies may be reluctant to enforce legally binding court orders “designed to protect the public from illness and death.”

  3. seems simple to me. Don’t vote for these people. You want access to public lands ? DVFTP.
    You want proven science and medicine over personal responsibility(which is so wrong)? DVFTP The list is long. DON’T VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE

  4. Richland County voted 83% for Trump and 78% for Gianforte. But even in a county that supportive of him and his brand of politics our right-wing governor only wants hand-picked “specific stakeholders” showing up for his faux town hall meetings “for security reasons”? Sounds a lot more like the hoi polloi do not count as stakeholders in Gianforte’s Montana.

    Kudos to that Sidney Herald editor for telling his readers the whole story.

  5. In case folks missed it, this is a pretty accurate representation of Elsie’s army. Hard to believe our superintendent of schools attended a wacko anti-science rally protesting safety measures for public schools. Judging from pictures of the event, I can guarantee you that most of those gray beards in attendance have no kids in school. What a sorry state of affairs. Those morons apparently have no idea of how they appear to the sane part of the populace. Hope this helps.

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