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Hello June – you beautiful thing!

Quote for the day…

People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness. – Abhysheq Shukla

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Michael Flynn
  • Vice President Kamala Harris
  • NBA Safety
  • One More Thing


Michael Flynn retired as a three-star (Lieutenant General). He was President Donald Trump’s National Security advisor for about three weeks. His performance after retiring from the military makes me wonder how he ever attained his three stars.

Business Insider and several other sources reported that Flynn told a crowd at a QAnon conference in Dallas this weekend that the US should have a coup like the one in Myanmar.

According to reports:

Flynn, who has become a prominent figure in the QAnon conspiracy theory, was a main attraction at the event, held at the Omni Hotel in Dallas.
In a video shared on Twitter, an attendee asks Flynn: “I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here.”
The crowd immediately cheers, followed by Flynn’s response: “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

Since his comments became public, Flynn has denied that he called for a coup in the United States.

I listened to his comments. The people in attendance seemed to feel he was calling for a coup in the United States.

Make your own decision – Read the initial report from Business Insider HERE. Read the report about Flynn denying he called for a coup HERE.


The MAGA crowd went batshit crazy after Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted on May 29 to “Enjoy the long weekend.”

Thank you, Madam Vice President. I did.

The MAGA nutjobs thought it was disrespectful, but after four years of Donald Trump tweeting hatred and saying things about POWs like “I like people who weren’t captured,” I think what the VP did was damned nice compared to Trump.

The VP spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy graduation last week. She attended the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery with the President. You don’t see both the President and VP at that event together very often. The VP also tweeted a couple of Memorial Day messages that I’m sure the MAGA folks overlooked.

She honored those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Mission accomplished.


The players in the National Basketball Association (NBA) are some of the highest-paid athletes with an average pay of about $8.3 million per season and some players making as much as $30- $40 million per season.

Although they are rich beyond my belief, they deserve to be protected from the fans. Recently someone dumped some popcorn on a player as he was leaving the court and another fan spit at a player who was on the court. The other night someone threw a water bottle at a player. They missed.

Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving had the water bottle thrown at him by a Boston Celtics fan. Irving once played for the Celtics and after his new team won the game, he stomped on the Celtics logo. That asshole move may have triggered the fan, but the fan should not have thrown the water bottle. Just as the Celtics players this year, the fan could not hit the target.

Russell Westbrook was the player who was upset that popcorn was dumped on his head. Westbrook is speeding toward the end of his career with no rings, so he is pissed if a fan says anything to him negative. He’s had bad interactions with fans before. Still, the popcorn being dumped on him was wrong – even if it had extra butter.

The NBA should probably place plexiglass around the court to keep the fans away from the millionaires. I’ve felt for years that the fans were too close to the court for safety.


I’ve noticed that Trump supporters love to post stuff on Facebook that they believe is true because it makes the people on the left look dumb or wrong. Often the information isn’t fact-checked, and it is untrue. If they are called out about it they unfriend you or say something like, “Well, they should have said it.”

They usually post some vile crap and if you look in their feed very far they will have a post or two about loving Jesus and being a Christian. Hypocritical stuff to say the least.

The other day some clowns posted on Facebook a screenshot of a Tweet from Sarah Huckabee under the account @Hucklebee_sarah.

The last name was spelled incorrectly. In checking for the account, I found the Twitter account was suspended; now it’s gone. The correct account for Sanders is @SarahHuckabee.

Like I’ve said many times, the Trump supporters are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. After giving the VP some guff, Nikki Haley managed to shoot herself in the foot on Monday.

    “However, Haley on Monday posted a photo of herself and her son sitting in front of a beach — with no indication that they were honoring America’s fallen soldiers.

    “Thankful on this Memorial Day for the blessings of family and spending time with my little one,” she wrote.”


    • Doug – The old double standard is alive and well in Haley’s world. Thanks, JmB

  2. I think Obama warned Trump about Flynn, now we see why. Whose judgement do you trust? I am ashamed to have to ask the question.

  3. Now here’s a dude just asking for a blanket party. And I’d love to be there! This infuriates me. Say what you will about the military, but our troops always ready to take the necessary risks to defend the country. They do so daily. This guy is a sad pathetic puke.


    • Larry – Tucker is the new darling of the right wingers. Flavor of the year. Thanks,

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