Tuesday’s Quick Hits

The Western Word is coming to you from deep inside an underground bunker in Montana – where we’re helping to deprogram the Trump cult one column at a time…

In today’s column I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Keystone XL Pipeline
  • O.J. Simpson
  • One More Thing


In what was probably one of the most non-partisan reports of his career, MTN reporter Mike Dennison did a two-part series about Montana and the Keystone XL Pipeline and President Joe Biden’s orders halting oil-and-gas development on federal lands.

Read part one HERE.

Read part two HERE.

I’ve never had a problem with the Keystone XL Pipeline as long as they follow the rules and listen to those who are affected. On the other hand, if it gets canceled, I won’t lose that much sleep.

It’s a political issue and we’ll hear those who support it talk about the loss of jobs and tax revenue. Those who are against it will talk about environmental issues. The thing to remember is they are both correct. Both sides will spin whatever they can to make their points stronger.


I follow O.J. Simpson on Twitter (@TheRealOJ32) and happened to see the other day that he received his COVID-19 vaccination.

Simpson tweeted with a photo, ‘Get your shot. I got mine!!!’ (Source)

Many people were not too happy with O.J. getting his vaccination before them or someone they know. Simpson is 73 years old and lives in Nevada.

People need to remember that we need a healthy O.J. Simpson because he promised he would track down Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s killer. He needs the vaccine!


I don’t play a lot of games on Facebook, but the other day I played a game that asked, “How likely are you to snap and kill someone?”

I received a score of 172% with the following message:

You’re a walking danger! But the only people who feel your wrath are the ones that deserve it.

Maybe I need to cut back on caffeine. Maybe the State of Montana needs to develop the rules so I can buy recreational marijuana and mellow out. It could be as simple as drinking more wine.

Ideas are very welcome.