Tuesday’s Quick Hits

The three hardest things to say are:
1. I was wrong
2. I need help
3. Worcestershire Sauce

Today’s column takes a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Matt Rosendale
  • Trump & Pence & Impeachment
  • One More Thing


Montana’s latest temporary tenant in the U.S. House, Matt Rosendale, issued a statement today via Twitter that got some attention:

“I oppose impeachment as well as other methods of denying President Trump his lawful term in office. Efforts to impeach or remove the president are media stunts drawn from left-wing fever dreams. January 20th will mark the transfer of power to President-Elect Biden.”

At least old Matt is acknowledging that Biden will be President. As for “left-wing fever dreams,” that’s an overused term that was even used by Meghan McCain at one time. Overall, it was a poorly presented statement via Twitter, but what the heck, it got some publicity and that’s what counts.


As reported by many, like Politico, Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued Vice President Mike Pence an ultimatum on Sunday night — invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump in the coming days or Democrats will proceed this week with impeaching the president for an unprecedented second time.

The vote to impeach Trump will take place Wednesday if Pence doesn’t act.

So I guess if I was Trump, I’d want to meet with my best buddy, Mike Pence, to see what he was thinking.

Boom – A senior administration source confirmed to CBS News that President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence spoke Monday evening in the Oval Office, their first meeting since the assault on the U.S. Capitol last week. The source described it as a “good” conversation. A former White House official with close ties to Pence earlier told CBS News that the vice president is “discouraged, disheartened, hurt and stunned.”

Poor Mike. He’s been a loyal Vice President and Trump went after him pretty hard in the last few weeks and placed a lot of pressure on him to do something, anything, to win the already lost election. Some of Trump’s rioters wanted to hang the VP on the Capitol grounds. No wonder Pence is hurt; he’s been shit on by Trump and his supporters.

These fellas won’t be hanging out together after January 20 and Pence will never be President.

As for the impeachment, it will happen. Somewhere I read that the impeachment article already had 210 co-signers.

One interesting thing that was brought up in the New York Times Impeachment Briefing was this:

The Constitution says that for somebody who is convicted in a Senate impeachment trial, there can be an extra recourse or punishment on them, which is a disqualification to ever hold federal office, including the presidency, again. You have to convict first, and then it’s actually a lower threshold to do this penalty. It’s only a majority of the Senate. If he were to be convicted, they could see to it that he couldn’t run for office again. 

This would be an easy way for all those Republicans (Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Graham) who want to be President to vote to convict and then vote for the extra punishment to keep the leader of the Republicans (Trump) out of the 2024 race.

Read the New York Times Impeachment Briefing HERE.


Even Batman wears a mask – so Mask Up!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. I was really hoping no Montana residents were involved in the riot at U.S. Capital on January 6. But low and behold at least 3 car loads from the Bitterroot Valley were there according to wacko State Senator Theresa Manzella . She stated that group did enter the capital but according to her just went with the flow. After listening to a briefing just now from D.C. Attorney General all those people are in deep do do.
    In fact the FBI may soon be knocking at their doors
    with arrest warrants. In fact they may also end up on the no fly list. One thing I will know that will happen is Rosendale nor Daines not Gianforte will come to their defense. The loyalty here has only flowed one way and that was up to Trump and his other clowns. But those people that were so blindly loyal are now looking for a lifeboat that won’t be there. Some may have years in Federal Prisons to think if it was worth it. Do I feel sorry for them not really they had 4 years to get off the Trump Titanic but they bought into the lies it was unsinkable.

    • Dennis – you are exactly correct. The next knock on their door may be the feds. Thanks, JmB

    • The day of the mob invasion a guy was interviewed on CBS News. He identified himself as Boyd Kammer (sp?) from Montana. He said he was on the front lines.

      Knock knock, Boyd

  2. “Fever dreams” says the guy who went along with Trump’s magical thinking and voted to overturn the election results of other states and deny Biden his lawful term in office. You have to wonder if these politicians ever listen to themselves. At least we know how Rosendale plans to use his time in Washington – pandering to the far right lunatic fringe.

    • Terry – I agree. At least Rosendale will be close to his birthplace (Baltimore)! Thanks, JmB

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