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I need to get in shape. If I were murdered right now my chalk outline would be a circle. – Pinterest

Welcome to December, you beautiful people!

Today’s column takes a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Finalized Votes
  • 2020 Census
  • Trump’s Emails
  • Silver Monolith
  • One More Thing


As Dandy Don Meredith used to sing when one team had won the game on Monday Night Football, “Turn out the lights… the party’s over.” People can say the same thing for Donald J. Trump.

The Washington Post reported that Wisconsin and Arizona on Monday became the last two of six states where President Trump has contested his defeat to finalize their vote counts.

The late John McCain would be proud that his state of Arizona went to Joe Biden.

WaPo also reported that Georgia, which certified Biden’s victory on Nov. 20, is conducting a second recount of the vote at the request of the Trump campaign, but officials have said they do not expect it to alter Biden’s 12,000-vote victory there. Three other states where the Trump campaign and its allies have tried to overturn the results — Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania — have also certified their results.

The Great Falls Tribune also reported that Montana certified their election results with a turnout rate of 81%, the highest since 1972. Montana Republicans beat the crap out of the Montana Democrats winning all statewide races.

2020 CENSUS:

The Associated Press reported that the Supreme Court sounded skeptical Monday that President Donald Trump could categorically exclude people living in the country illegally from the population count used to allot seats among the states in the House of Representatives.

Good. They should rule against Trump. We need a complete count of people, not just citizens.


Team Trump is still sending emails at a wicked pace. In November they were sending 20-25 per day asking for donations to the “Official Election Defense Fund.”

This week they have slowed down a little – I am getting 15-20 per day.


This is a really interesting story…

The Associated Press is reporting that a mysterious silver monolith that was placed in the Utah desert has disappeared less than 10 days after it was spotted by wildlife biologists performing a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep, federal officials and witnesses said.

Maybe it moved across the globe…

The Daily Mail reported that a mysterious metal monolith has appeared in Romania this week after another similar structure found in the remote Utah desert was removed by an ‘unknown party’.

Reminder: This is still 2020.


By the time my father was my age, he had amassed, like, 30 coffee cans full of screws. I have none. What have I done with my life? –Pinterest

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  1. Well those post election Trump emails have raised to date $170 million of which 75% goes to Trump’s new political action committee. That money funds Trump political activities going forward. That is $130 million that Trump can use basically however he wants putting on rallies,travel,staff etc. Unfortunately that may keep his hold on the Republican Party stopping any sane GOP candidate from making a run for president in 2024. It is no doubt going to happen that Trump is going to pardon himself and his family as sycophant Fox’s Sean Hannity stated several times last night on his show. I watch Hannity to find out what Trump is going to do as Hannity is his shadow chief of staff.

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