TWW Poll: Final Presidential Debate

Who do you think won the final presidential debate, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

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The results will be posted Monday.

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6 thoughts on “TWW Poll: Final Presidential Debate

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  2. Someone speaks into the vapors and it is considered by over 50 % of poll respondents a win in a debate? I want to show my tax return but I can’t. I have a health care plan that is superior. To what are the Montana voting public listening (or not listening)? Don’t you think more of the State and country than this? Gianforte (liar, body slammer )Fox was much better. Daines (deciding vote for Betsy Amway De Vos) Walsh was better too. Buying their way in. Don’t forget Rosendale. All kissing the coattails of an unrepentant disqualified President. I was not born here but my children were and I want to leave Montana better. Hypocrisy is abundant. When it is staring you right in your pandemic maskless face you should not vote for it. Republicans wakeup. Restore the solid ideas that used to exist in the GOP. Get rid of these people so we can start over together.

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  4. An interesting assessment from the admittedly left of Trumpism (but what isn’t?) “The Guardian”:

    “Trump failed to put forward even one specific policy he will push in his second term. He offered some vague hand-waving – he (or the US supreme court) will get rid of Obamacare and he’ll replace it with something better, no you haven’t seen his plan, even though he’s had four years to create it, but he’s working on it, it’s almost done, he swears – but gave Americans no vision for a second-term Trump presidency. Instead, he was purely reactive. Joe Biden would put forward an idea, and Trump’s response was: “Well why didn’t you do that when you were in office?”

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