Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it. — Susan B. Anthony

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Trump’s Monday
  • Just Vote
  • Primary Voting Record
  • Nelly Nicol/State Auditor
  • One More Thing


Donald Trump created doubts in me when he started running for President, but I must admit it was fun to watch him slap a few of the Republicans around during the 2016 campaign. Even so, I could not vote for him. The men he slapped around have come back to support Trump because they want power in Washington. It does not matter if they have to bend over for the king in public every so often.

It’s been easy to write negative things about Trump because he gives us so much material every day.

On Monday Trump read a statement in the Rose Garden with a lot of threats about what he would do if the governors did not up their game. During some parts of his statement, you could hear some sirens and flashbangs going off.

Little did we know that, as the Washington Post reported, “authorities fired flash-bang shells, gas, and rubber bullets into the crowd” to clear them out of the area surrounding St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is near the White House. These were peaceful protestors.

We soon found out the peaceful protestors were cleared out so that Trump could get his photo taken in front of the vandalized church.

Trump needed this photo op because it was leaked that he spent some of the night before in the White House bunker and the lights on the White House had been extinguished. He was looking like a chicken.

So after the short speech, Trump headed to St. John’s Episcopal Church with enough security surrounding him to take over a small country. It appears he wanted the photo op to make him look like General Patton walking off a boat to survey the victory secured by his troops.

All he did was look stupid.

Others thought it looked like a staged event put on by Trump’s friend, Kim Jong-un.

Then Trump stood in front of the church, holding up a Bible, and said something that nobody could understand. After the flashes stopped, he invited a couple of others to have their photos taken. I think two of those people were the “Two Corinthians,” but I can’t be sure.

Just as soon as it started it was over. Trump scurried back to his fortress to get in there before dark so he could lock it down, get in his bunker, and shut off the lights.

Trump has mishandled the pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans. Now he is mishandling the protests and riots. In short, Trump is killing us.

America is burning and our leader wants a photo op.


Hey Montanans – Today (Tuesday, June 2) is Primary Election Day! Don’t forget to vote!

I will be posting the results on Twitter (@TheWesternWord) and The Western Word Facebook Page throughout Tuesday evening – it should be fun! Follow me!

You can still register to vote; click HERE to see what you need to do!


Lee Newspapers reported that a record number of Montanans has voted in the 2020 primary election with two days left to cast ballots. State election data shows 312,398 ballots received through Sunday evening. Participation is 18,850 votes better than the old record, set four years ago. Ballots will continue to be accepted until 8 p.m. Tuesday.

By the way, this is Montana’s first all-mail election! I think we should make all elections vote by mail.


MTN News is reporting that Victory Insurance Co., headquartered in Miles City, has reported giving another $121,000 to a political-action committee promoting the state auditor candidacy of Republican Nelly Nicol, who works for the company. MTN News says that Victory Insurance Co. has been the primary funder for Citizens for Government Transparency, which was formed this spring and has spent $186,000 on advertisements and other items promoting Nicol.

My first thought when I read the story was if they have spent all this money, why haven’t I seen any advertisements, fliers, etc.

Guess we’ll see how it all works out when the polls close.


George Will is a conservative political commentator writing for the Washington Post. You will want to read his latest column titled, “Trump must be removed. So must his congressional enablers.”

Check it out HERE (you may need a subscription to view it).


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. I am just amazed there are to many blind,deaf and dumb Republican U.S. Senators when it came to giving a response to what Trump pulled last evening with his photo op
    In front of a church holding a Bible. My goodness can those GOP Senators run for mostly being in late 60’s and 70’s when asked a simply question about Trump’s behavior. I don’t think I ever seen so many cowards in my life. As a 101st Airborne Vietnam Veteran I am glad none were in my unit. I was once a proud republican.

    • Dennis – it amazes me how big of cowards they are. Shameful. Thanks, JmB

  2. Fascism is in full bloom in trump’s garden. He gave a dog whistle green light to the ammosexuals and he pandered to his Talibangelical base. It was scripted and stage-managed and pathetic.

    He was asked if it was his bible. He replied, “it’s a bible”, further cementing his fake christian credentials.

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