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Quote of the day…

The police stopped me the other day and asked where I was between five and six. I replied, “Kindergarten.” – Anonymous

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Trump Clinches
  • Biden Sweeps
  • Trump’s Job Approval
  • Economic Rescue
  • One More Thing


The Associated Press announced last night that President Donald Trump had clinched the Republican Party nomination for President, surpassing the necessary delegate threshold.

Of course, being the independent-minded person I am and not a partisan, this information was posted on The Western Word Facebook and Twitter feeds.

It looks more and more that it will be Joe Biden, age 77, vs Donald Trump, age 73, in the November General Election. The debates should be fascinating. Maybe they will arm wrestle!

It may all come down to who Biden picks as his running mate.

The last thing I would want to be doing in my seventies is running for President of the United States.


Former Vice President Joe Biden added the states of Florida, Illinois, and Arizona in his win column Tuesday night. It was not that close a contest in any of the three states.

As of early Wednesday morning, the New York Times shows Biden with 1,147 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 861. The winner needs 1,991.

After Tuesday night, the pressure will mount for Sanders to throw in the towel so the Democrats can unite to beat Trump.

The big question is can the Democrats unite to defeat Trump?


Gallup Polling reported that as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the U.S. and President Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal becomes a distant memory for Americans, his 44% job approval rating is down five percentage points, and back to where it was before the Senate acquitted him on the House’s impeachment charges.

The polling was conducted March 2-13.

Trump has had a lot of missteps in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans are looking for leadership in this time of uncertainty. Trump has failed so far, although during the last two briefings he has done better.

Read the complete poll HERE.


The elected officials who represent us back in Washington seem to be getting ready to approve the mother of all economic packages that some say will approach or exceed one trillion dollars.

This is what $1,000,000,000,000 looks like.

Great googly moogly!

President Donald Trump wants to quickly send checks to many Americans. Some reports are saying that the stimulus checks will be at least $1,000 each for American workers. Millionaires will not get a check.

That check may be hard to cash for those who are afraid of socialism.

I hope they round that up to maybe $20,000 each. That would stimulate me…

One thing we can be sure of is our elected officials coming together to spend money!


With the coronavirus pandemic hitting us hard, all we need now is an attack by locusts…

Wait…that is happening!



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  1. How’s that 401k doing trumptards? Every bit of the gains that followed the very positive market momentum under Obama for 7 years has been lost.

    Heckuva of job, Donnie.

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